Everything You Need To Know About Saturday’s Annual Town Meeting


Article #42

Late Wilmington War Hero Ed Gillis To Be Honored, Town To Name Corner Of Federal St. & Liberty St. In His Memory

Article #45

Town Asks Voters To Name New Library Meeting Room After Barbara Johnson, Who Bequeathed $350,000 To Library

Article #53

Soccer Field At North Intermediate To Be Named In Memory Of Wilmington High’s First Soccer Coach Frank Lentine

Article #58

Apartment Complex Proposed On Cross St. Across From Yentile Farm, Residents Will Vote On It At May 1 Town Meeting

Article #60

Land On Route 125, Right Off 93, Eyed For Hotel & Restaurants, Residents Will Vote On It At May 1 Town Meeting

LETTER: Selectman DePalma Urges A NO VOTE On Article 60 (Rezoning Of Land Off Route 125 For Possible Hotel) At May 1 Town Meeting

LETTER: Resident Raises Concerns Over Article 60 Rezoning, Asks Residents To Vote NO At May 1 Town Meeting

LETTER: Newhouse & Caira Set Record Straight On Article 60, Address Some Misconceptions

LETTER: Want To Vote Against Article 60 But Can’t Stay All Day At Town Meeting? Sign Up To Get A Text When Discussion Starts

LETTER: Caira Responds To Fasulo’s Letter; Looks Forward To Civil, Honest & Fact Focused Discussion Of Article 60 At May 1 Town Meeting

Articles #62 & #63

Nichols Funeral Home Hoping To Relocate Across The Street, Voters Will Decide Rezoning At May 1 Town Meeting

2021 TOWN MEETING PROTOCOLS From Town Moderator Jonathan Eaton

In close coordination with requisite Town Officials, the Town Moderator is providing the following procedures in an effort to put forth the information Wilmington Voters will need in order to attend and understand the 2021 Annual & Special Town Meeting this Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 9am. We have formulated a plan aimed at maintaining the democratic ideals that an open town meeting affords its constituency, recognizing that the public health concerns affect how we can hold our 2021 Annual & Special Town Meeting.


  • Our 2021 Annual Town Meeting and Special Town Meeting will be held at the Shriners Auditorium, 99 Fordham Road. Attached hereto you will find a map with a layout of the physical meeting location. We ask that you please familiarize yourself with the location, and submit any questions you might have as soon as possible. You can call the Town Clerk’s office at 978 658-2030 and/or you can email the Town Moderator at moderator@wilmingtonma.gov.


  • Contact-free check-in will begin at 8:00 A.M. and Voters are asked to line up at each entry point. Family members (and/or persons sharing the same household) will be allowed to stand together in line (and sit together in pairs of two). Town officials will be ensuring that proper social distancing is maintained during check in and while inside the meeting venue. Signage and safety protocols will be posted at both entrances to the meeting venue. 


  • In accordance with the ongoing declared State of Emergency, any person attending the 2021 Annual & Special Town Meeting that is over the age of 5 must wear a face covering (a mask) while in attendance. Any person(s) not able to wear a face covering for medical reasons will be accommodated in the Fez Room (see SEATING/MEETING LOGISTICS).  Anyone who is able to wear a mask and refuses to do so outside of the Fez Room will be considered out of compliance.  If you do not have access to a face covering, there will be face masks available at the check-in tables.
  • When a person is addressing the meeting at a microphone, they are permitted to remove their face covering. Microphone covers will be provided.  Please remember to save it if you plan on speaking later in the meeting.
  • To maximize ventilation, the garage doors of the auditorium will remain open.
  • Restrooms will be available at two locations as indicated in the attached layout. The restrooms that are accessible from within the Fez Room will be available for individuals who are not able to wear a mask for medical reasons.  The other restroom is available for all other attendees.  The restrooms are handicap accessible, will be properly sanitized and monitored throughout the day so as maintain proper sanitation and social distancing.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the venue, which will be properly sanitized before the meeting.


  • The Warrant for the 2021 Annual & Special Town Meeting is available on the Town’s website here: https://www.wilmingtonma.gov/annual-town-meeting. Copies of the Warrant will be made available at the meeting (when you check in you will be provided with copy of the warrant, a Voter card and any materials that have been submitted on behalf of the Town and/or petitioners).
  • Informative materials relative to specific warrant articles (Town petitioned and resident petitioned) will be posted to the Town’s website prior to the meeting on the Annual Town Meeting page. Please download these materials to your phone, tablet and/or laptop if you are able to do so and consider bringing those devises to the meeting. All devices must either be put in silent mode or utilize earphones so as not to disturb other attendees.  We will have a few screens to assist in viewing materials pertinent to the meeting.
  • The venue will have public WIFI availability to follow presentations/articles (network: Shriners Auditorium Guest).


  • We ask that you please remain in your seats at all times except to speak, utilize a restroom, or exit the venue.
  • Seats will be set up for single attendees or two attendees in the same household. All seating will be directly off a dedicated aisle so that no crossing of paths to a seat is necessary.  All foot traffic will be one way at all times. Traffic flow patterns will be indicated.
  • The Fez Room has been designated for those not able to wear a face covering for medical reasons. George Hooper will be sworn in as an alternate moderator to administer to the Fez Room.
  • Non-Voters will be allowed admittance to this year’s Annual & Special Town Meeting, but must sit in the designated Non-Voting Section. If we are unable to seat all of the Voters in attendance in the Voting Section, we will need to utilize the Non-Voting Section to seat Voters, and Non-Voters may remain if there are enough remaining seats.

Shriners Map


  • The meeting will be conducted as normally as possible given our circumstances.
  • We ask all Voters to use courtesy in limiting their comment and questions to those that are germane to discussion, necessary and non-repetitive. Questions and new information are encouraged for the benefit of the meeting.
  • Two microphones will be set up (properly spaced) directly in front of the Moderator. Should you wish to speak, make your way to the microphone closest to you following the designated traffic routes of the meeting venue (being sure not to move backwards down the center aisle – as it is designated for forward progress only). If there appears to be more than five (5) people in line to speak, please wait until the line shortens to less than the said five (5) persons. There will be marked social distancing lines for the queue to speak.
  • Face coverings may be removed when speaking (at the microphone and duly acknowledged by the moderator).
  • Microphone covers will be provided. If you plan on speaking again, be sure to hang on to your microphone cover.
  • Please ensure you bring any food and drink you might require to ensure you are comfortable throughout the meeting. We will allow small coolers to keep water, sports drinks and/or soda cold.
  • When the meeting is concluded, public safety officials and tellers will direct attendees on how they are to exit the meeting (in an orderly fashion, being sure to maintain proper social distancing.
  • There are two scriveners errors and two adjustments contained in the budget portion of the Warrant booklet:
    • On page 2, the Information Technology budget list $256,386 under Salary – Director, $670,160 under Other Salaries, and $0 under Expenses. The Salary – Director line item should be $105,213, Other Salaries should be $151,174, and Expenses should be $ $670,160, with Furnishings & Equipment remaining at $60,000.  There is a $1 difference in the total due to rounding.  The total budget line for Information Technology should read as follows:

Fiscal 2020

Transferred & Appropriated

Fiscal 2021









Salary – Director

$  94,699





Other Salaries












Furnishings & Equipment

$  68,836

$  60,000

$  60,000

$  60,000

$  60,000






    • On page 8, the Library budget lists Merrimack Valley Library Consortium under Recommended Appropriation as $212,163 and the Expenses listed as $38,131. These numbers were reversed and in fact Merrimack Valley Library Consortium should be $38,131 and Expenses $212,163.
    • On page 8, the assessment for Shawsheen Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School District is $5,400,000. The final figure was received after printing of the booklet, and is reduced to $5,271,247. This results in a corresponding reduction in the figure for “Total Schools” on page 8 to $50,086,335, and “Total” on page 9 to $112,876,882.
    • On page 9, the “Proposed Capital Outlay & Warrant Articles” is $8,854,000. This is being reduced by $2,000,000, with the recommended amount for Article 31 being reduced to $0, so that the “Proposed Capital Outlay & Warrant Articles” figure is reduced to $6,854,000.
  • Because of the adjustments described in the two bullet points immediately above, the “Total Proposed Budget” has a corresponding reduction to $119,730,882.
  • As we did last year, we will be using a “consent agenda” for routine and historically non-controversial articles. The consent agenda will include articles 2, 4, 7, 26, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40. However, discussion will be allowed relative to any and all articles within the “consent agenda.”  Use of the consent agenda process makes the Town Meeting more efficient by speeding up the handling of non-controversial and routine items; this is commonplace in many towns throughout the Commonwealth, and is being used to fairly and efficiently deal with these articles. The meeting will first be asked to approve the use of the consent agenda, and will then be asked to approve the articles contained within the consent agenda.  Should any resident object to the inclusion of any of those articles in the consent agenda, they may bring a motion to have the specific article removed therefrom (and if that motion is successful, the article will be taken up as its own vote.


2 — Hear Reports
4 — Compensating Balance Agreements
7 — Voting Machines – $35,000 from the levy, $10,000 from special revenue account
26 — Appropriate funds received from Uber & Lyft Tax – $7,929.70
36 — Fun on the Fourth – $50,000
37 — Memorial and Veterans Day Services – $8,000
38 — Lease of space for VFW and American Legion – $1,500
39 — Appropriate funds for PEG access – $525,000 (not from levy)
40 — Compost Bin Revolving Fund – spending authority limit $4,500 (not from levy)
Subsurface Sewage Disposal Upgrade Revolving Fund – spending authority limit $200,000 (not from levy)



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