LETTER: Want To Vote Against Article 60 But Can’t Stay All Day At Town Meeting? Sign Up To Get A Text When Discussion Starts

Dear Residents,

As you know, this weekend, our Annual Town Meeting is being held at the Shriners Auditorium. We have several articles of interest up for consideration with one big one that needs to be defeated, Article 60. At this point, the particulars have been discussed repeatedly on social media and among residents in town and I’m not going to try and make much of an argument to vote against it in this letter other than to point out its dead center in our last safe high yield aquifer. If we ruin this well field, we will be at the mercy of MWRA meaning water rates skyrocket. The spotlight is on us!

Right now, the weather report for Saturday shows that the day is going to be gorgeous. I get our kids have sports and we have trips to Home Depot and Lowes planned and spending 8 or 10 hours at town meeting does not sound like its a good use of time. I’ll encourage everyone to attend the meeting, but the reality is, most can’t. So, if you’re against this project and you want to be notified when the article is up for a vote, email your phone number to Wilmingtondump60@gmail.com. Your number will not be collected and will not be sold. We will text you when the article is called, that’s it.

I will leave you with food for thought. The very people who are bringing this forward were against a rezone of land diagonal to this lot only about 100/200 feet or so away specifically for a hotel. One of them is on record as saying a rezone to that parcel was “not in the best interest of the town”. Look up the transcript from the 2011 town meeting, (Article 31), it’s there. I am currently searching for the official record of that meeting, so if you have it please send it over. Does mere feet between two parcels drastically change where a hotel would be acceptable (because it wasn’t back then) or is there something else at play here? You decide.

Rob Fasulo

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