LETTER: Resident Raises Concerns Over Article 60 Rezoning, Asks Residents To Vote NO At May 1 Town Meeting

Dear Wilmington Residents,

I am writing this letter to urge you to attend Town Meeting on May 1, 2021 and oppose ARTICLE 60. ARTICLE 60 seeks to rezone parcels that are currently Residential 60 (R60) to Highway Industrial (HI).

The proponents of this article have claimed that access to this land would be from Route 125. However, there is currently no application pending with Mass. Highway for any type of access to this property from Route 125. Therefore, the only current access to this property is from Woburn Street, Andover Street and Ainsworth Road. If the access to this site is truly planned to be from Route 125, then there would be no need to rezone parcels 103-24 and 103-24A by Ainsworth Road. If the applicant does not need to use Ainsworth Road to access his property, why are they re-zoning Ainsworth Road to Highway Industrial (HI)?

Furthermore, if the proponents of this property truly plan to use Route 125 for their access, they could very easily have provided a buffer between the residential properties nearest to Ainsworth Road and their planned development by leaving a portion of the property as Residential 60.

Although the proponents of Article 60 indicate that they are proposing a hotel and a restaurant, if this article passes it would allow any other type of use allowed in a Highway Industrial Zone, including large retail stores. This could lead to thousands of cars daily accessing the area through what is currently a residential neighborhood that is already congested with commuter traffic on a narrow winding road. If this article passes, the future of the Harnden Tavern/Rt 62/Andover St/Woburn St area will be jeopardized forever.

The subject property is also adjacent to wetlands which feed into nearby town water department land. This area must be protected from industrial development. Town residents and the town’s reputation have already suffered enough. We do not need to risk future mishaps with our water supply.

Please vote NO on ARTICLE 60 at Town Meeting on May 1 at Shriners Auditorium.

Gerald Horgan

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