LETTER: Caira Responds To Fasulo’s Letter; Looks Forward To Civil, Honest & Fact Focused Discussion Of Article 60 At May 1 Town Meeting

Dear Fellow Residents,

Mr. Fasulo’s recent letter in opposition to Article 60 is yet another example of half-truths and innuendo. He indicates that a proponent of this rezoning had previously opposed rezoning nearby land for the purposes of constructing a hotel. He encourages folks to research the record and asks, “Does mere feet between two parcels drastically change where a hotel would be acceptable?”

Let me save folks their valuable time. Mr. Fasulo is talking about me.  Ten years ago I opposed rezoning a TWO-ACRE parcel of land in a fully developed residential area located close to the North Intermediate School. Mr. Fasulo intentionally misleads the reader by suggesting that the 2011 rezoning proposal is comparable to the current proposal. It is very different, and not just a difference of a few feet. In 2011, I opposed the construction of a hotel on that very different TWO-ACRE parcel, and I would do the same today.

What I do support is a rezoning which would allow for the construction of a business class hotel and a full service restaurant on a TWENTY-FOUR ACRE site, which is the subject of Article 60.  In this case, “Size Matters!”  In addition, this TWENTY-FOUR ACRE site is located directly across the street from a 224,000sf office building, well outside of the school zone and on the other side of Route 93.

Perhaps Mr. Fasulo’s omission of any reference to the extraordinary difference in the size of both properties, or its relationship to the school and to Route 93, was inadvertent, but I doubt it. To quote from Mr. Fasulo’s letter, “You decide.”

I look forward to a civil, honest and fact focused review of the merits of this proposal at Saturday’s Town Meeting. Hope to see you there.


Michael A. Caira

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