SELECTMEN NOTEBOOK: Public Safety Dispatch Upgrades Spotlighted; Asst. Town Clerk Linda Golden Retiring

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Board of Selectmen last met on Monday, February 8, 2021.

Here are some news items from that meeting that you may have missed:

  • Wilmington Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor Corey Swift and Wilmington Fire Chief Bill Cavanugh summarized the recent improvements made to the Dispatch Center at the Wilmington Public Safety Building. Swift noted that old analog equipment has been removed, new digital equipment has been installed, old furniture has been replaced with standing desks, complete monitor arrays are featured, and lighting has been improved. “This is the first upgrade since the building was occupied in 2001,” noted Swift. “Everyone at Dispatch is extraordinarily happy and very, very thankful that everyone in town decided to support this.” “This was a much needed upgrade,” added Cavanaugh. “This center handles 40,000 calls a year between police, fire and EMS, along with general business questions… The Dispatch Center almost looks likely a completely different room now.” Cavanaugh thanked the Public Buildings Department and IT Department for their assistance with the project.

The ‘new and improved’ Wilmington Public Safety Dispatch Center
  • Selectmen approved the request of Red Heat Tavern to change managers from Dennis A. Martin to Michael Snapausky.
  • Town Manager Jeff Hull announced the Town Clerk’s Office received 15 petitioned articles for the 2021 Annual Town Meeting. 6 involve residents wishing to purchase town-owned land. 4 involve rezoning parcels. 2 involve amending zoning bylaws. 1 involves gifting land to the town. 1 involves petitioning the state legislature to allow a resident’s firefighting test results to be allowed. 1 involves naming the soccer field at the North Intermediate School. More details about these articles are forthcoming and will be discussed at future Selectmen’s Meetings and at the joint Finance Committee-Planning Board Public Hearing on March 16, 2021 at 7pm via Zoom.
  • The Wilmington Senior Center Building Committee is currently reviewing proposals from 12 architect/designer firms to work with the town on first reaching a consensus for a site and then developing a design based on feedback received. The Owner’s Project Manager — P3 — will guide the Committee through the evaluation process and conduct reference checks. A shortlist of designers will be interviewed by the committee. Afterwards, the committee will recommend a firm to the Town Manager to hire.
  • Verizon’s 10-year contract with the Town of Wilmington expires in February 2022. Over the next six months, the town will complete an “ascertainment process” to determine its cable-related needs and review Verizon’s performance under the current license.
  • According to Alicia Fraser, Director of the state’s Environmental Epidemiology Program, the Wilmington Childhood Cancer Study remains under “internal review.” Fraser anticipates being able to reach out to town officials within the next month to start scheduling private briefings of the study’s results. 
  • Selectmen voted 4-1 to establish license fees for kennels. The two kennels in town would need to apply for a license, get inspected by the Animal Control Officer, and receive approval from the Board of Health. Selectman Bendel voted against.
  • Selectman Bendel noted that Assistant Town Clerk Linda Golden is retiring. Golden’s last day is Monday, February 22, 2021. Bendel referred to her as “one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.”

The Wilmington Board of Selectmen next meets on Monday, February 22, 2021 at 7pm via Zoom.

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