LETTER: Wilmington Selectwoman Jomarie O’Mahony Endorses Robertson For State Rep; Asks Voters Not To Fall For False Attacks

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to express my wholehearted support for David Robertson for State Representative in the 19th Middlesex.

Representative Robertson has done nothing but work tirelessly to advocate for what is best for the communities of Wilmington and Tewksbury. He has supported our law enforcement in a time when their integrity is questioned and he has reminded us that, although there is evil in the world, our police force remains an essential aspect of our shared community. And yet he is accused of supporting a bill to tie our police department’s hands, this is untrue.

Representative Robertson has repeatedly suffered false attacks for allegedly supporting a raise in the gas tax, when the truth is he has managed to secure the highest levels of state funding for our school systems and funds to improve the Rt. 38 corridor through our two towns without raising our taxes one cent. Empty lies serve only those who speak them.

Rep. Robertson’s opponent doesn’t want us looking at facts and results because those facts and results will only work against his campaign’s agenda. It is easier to try to spread lies about Rep. Robertson than to focus on the fact David’s opponent is more interested in making a self-serving appearance at a Trump rally than to engage in any issue of importance in Wilmington. He didn’t want us to pay too much attention to the debate on October 1st, when we finally heard him speak on the issues – and now we know why. Repetition of empty talking points does not equate to substance.

Here is the reality: The Town of Wilmington is more dynamic and involved than what you could ever learn on a Google search or through social media. A very wise man once said “The essence of Wilmington is captured in the spirit of its people”. These are more than just words imprinted at the entrance of the Wilmington High School- a school Rep. Robertson’s opponent has never entered- it is the true spirit of our community. Rep. Robertson already understands, respects, and honors this spirit. That is why he has my vote and I hope yours as well.

Vote Robertson on November 3rd — because it’s a matter of fact that the facts matter.


Jomarie F. O’Mahony

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