LETTER: WHS Student Calls Rep. Dave Robertson An Empathetic & Selfless Leader; Role Model; And Good Person

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of one of my role models and a candidate for re-election as State Representative: David Robertson. This summer I interned with Representative Robertson. As a senior at Wilmington High School who is passionate about public service, it was a dream come true for me. 

Working with Rep. Robertson, I saw firsthand how he fights for Wilmington and Tewksbury. I saw his empathy for everyone who asks him for help and how he follows through on every constituent concern. It seems like he never stops working, and it is clear that he is driven by how deeply he cares about the people he represents. 

Rep. Robertson encouraged me to be more confident, advised me as I figure out my future, and got excited for me when I succeeded. He had no personal benefit from mentoring me; he did it because he is a good person. That is the side of candidates that voters cannot gauge through the news or social media, yet is so important. Rep. Robertson strives to do good for others without looking for anything in return. It is one of the many reasons I look up to him and one of the many reasons we need him in office.

Rep. Robertson models the type of public servant I hope to be someday. As I begin my unusual senior year, I hope to at least have confidence that a selfless and knowledgeable leader is fighting for our community.


Miriam Nelson

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One thought

  1. You are 100% right on about reelecting Representative David Robertson to the position he currently holds. You have chose a great model, Miriam, to model yourself after. Rep. David Robertson gives 100% to his position, and is a great Representative for the Towns of Wilmington and Tewksbury. He attends every and all meetings that he can possibly can, and is on top of all the needs of both of our Towns. Yes, I am voting for Rep. David Robertson. I hoipe all of you do so, too!

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