LETTER: Alec DiFrusica Will Stand Up To ‘Tax & Spend Democrats,’ Opposes New Gas Tax

Dear Editor, 

I keep hearing our Democrat representatives insist that their so-called “transportation climate initiative” (TCI) is not just another tax on gasoline.  You actually will not find the word “tax,” anywhere in the bill, and that’s by design.  However, you will find the term “market-based compliance mechanism” on the third page of the 16-page TCI bill.  What the Democrats running Beacon Hill are trying to say, but refuse to say out loud — the “compliance mechanism” is the tax, and you will be forced to comply because you have no other choice if you want to drive to work or make a trip to the grocery store.

I salute the Boston lobbyist who came up with the term “market-based compliance mechanism,” but we know “compliance mechanism” is how politicians say “TAX.” That mechanism, by the way, means when this new gas tax goes up — and studies show it most assuredly will — Democrats will be able to toss up their hands and blame the “market.”  Let’s be clear, TCI is nothing more than a political euphemism for a new tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. This new tax would be in addition to, and completely separate from, the traditional tax that we already pay on fuel. 

The people doing the taxing will be unelected bureaucrats. They are the ones who would get to be responsible for analyzing the “market,” and if Democrats have their way, you won’t be able to do anything about it. 

Fortunately, you do have a choice in November other than unelected bureaucrats running a “market-based compliance mechanism.”  Thank goodness Republican Alec DiFruscia has stepped up to challenge Beacon Hill Democrats and their “market-based compliance mechanism.”  

Alec will fight this kind of Beacon Hill insider nonsense every day and make sure his constituents in Tewksbury and Wilmington are not subjected to the whims of our current tax & spend democrat representatives.  

Alec DiFruscia has my vote for State Representative this November. I hope he has yours, too.

Stephen J. DeFrancesco

Tewksbury, MA

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