LETTER: Retired Tewksbury Town Clerk Liz Carey Endorses State Rep. Dave Robertson

Dear Editor,

First, let me be up-front with you, I am supporting Representative David Robertson for Re-Election as our Democratic Member of the House of Representatives from Tewksbury and Wilmington.

Second, I always like to review the opposing Candidate’s website and statements, one being;  “Reining in Taxes & Spending”  but would  “Increase Local Aid & Improvements to Our Schools”.  Rein in taxes and spending but then increase local aid. How do you do that?

Third, I was surprised that he, the opposing candidate,  would attend and speak at a Trump Political Rally in Wilmington but, the opposing candidate,  is negligent in attending the Town of Tewksbury’s Town Meetings and Special Town Meetings and, he is negligent in voting at our Local Elections, Special Elections, State Elections and State Primaries.

Fourth, the opposing candidate claims he knows our community and needs.  How?  He does not attend Town Meetings or Special Town Meetings that addresses our needs.  

I am also researching the candidate I support, I went on Representative Robertson’s website, Robertson For Rep.Com,  and I was very impressed with the four Joint Committees  he has been appointed to.  Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture; Labor and Workforce Development; Telecommunication, Utilities and Energy; and Veterans and Federal Affairs. Impressive!

Please join me in Re-Electing Representative David A. Robertson to the Massachusetts House of Representatives at the Tuesday, November 3, 2020 ELECTION.

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Carey

Tewksbury, MA

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