LETTER: WHS 9/11 Memorial Committee Asks Residents To Honor September 11th Victims By Doing A Good Deed Today

Below is a letter from the Wilmington High School 9/11 Memorial Committee, asking residents to participate in a National Day Of Service to honor the victims of September 11th:

Dear Wilmington Community,

For the past ten years, the 9/11 Memorial Committee has commemorated the events of 9/11. We began by fundraising and designing a memorial for the town that ultimately was constructed in the courtyard of the new high school. Since it was completed, we have used the memorial every year to educate students about the events of September 11, 2001. We have also honored the spirit of 9/11 Day, which is a national day of service to honor the victims of that tragedy. This year, we will have to honor this day a little differently and would love your help.

There are three major organizations the 9/11 Memorial Committee typically uses to plan our annual commemoration. Each offers activities that you could do from home. Please consider these as they apply to you and your families.

The 9/11 Memorial Museum in NYC has suggested activities for families such as:

○ Dear Hero: Create your own artwork or write a letter to honor and thank heroes in your own community.
○ Paper Cranes: Learn to fold paper cranes, and make your own chain to symbolize peace and healing.○ First Responder Badges: Design your own first responder badge to honor their service.
○ For older students/adults: Listen to somewebinar storiesororal histories.

The 9/11 Tribute Museum in NYC was founded by retired LYFD firefighter Lee Ielpi who helped in the recovery efforts. Mr. Ielpi was able to help the Town of Wilmington acquire the steel beam that is in the WHS library. It is dedicated to his son, Jonathan Lee Ielpi, a firefighter that lost his life in the World Trade Towers while saving lives.

○ We encourage you to make donations to honor the Ielpi family.
○ This museum also recommendsHBO’s film What Happened on September 11: a history for kids. It is 30 minutes long and free to stream.

The 9/11 Day organization has some suggestions for acts of service as part of “9/11 Day at Home”. For each one, they have a “take action” button on their website. Some examples are:

○  Pledge to #BeKind21: Join Lady Gaga in completing 21 acts of kindness starting September 1st.

○  Volunteer on voting day: Help staff your local polling place and combat the record shortage of

○  Speak up about mental health: Share your mental health story to help end the silence and Supportsuicide prevention: Tell Congress to pass the bill creating a national three digit (988) hotline forsuicide prevention.

○  Save local restaurants: Tell Congress to pass the Restaurants Act to save independent impacted byCOVID-19.

○  Operation Gratitude: Send a digital “thank you” to active duty Military, first responders andhealthcare workers

○  ASPCA: Become a dog walker or foster a pet. Find your local animal shelter through ASPCA to getstarted. Shelters and animal hospitals desperately need help during COVID if you are willing.

○  Soldiers’ Angels: Support active military members as a virtual volunteer with Soldiers’ Angels.At-home volunteer opportunities include: writing letters, baking and sending treats, making masks, no-sew blankets, or paracord bracelets.

9/11 Day is the nation’s largest annual Day of Service, recognized and established under federal law. Join us and so many others in the goal of “taking back the day” and gradually transforming the anniversary of 9/11 from a day of tragedy into a day of doing good. Please pledge to do a 9/11 good deed with us today and to become more involved in the #WilmyGIVES movement.

Thank you,

9/11 Memorial Committee

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