SELECTMEN NEWS: 6 Citizen Petitioned Articles Set For Town Meeting, To Tackle Circus Animal Abuse, New Senior Center, & Land Rezonings

WILMINGTON, MA — At Monday night’s Board of Selectmen Meeting, Town Manager Jeff Hull read the six citizen petitioned articles (Articles #59-#64) that will appear on the 2020 Town Meeting warrant.

Below is a brief summary of each:

Article #59 would rezone 5 Shady Lane Drive from General Business to Residential 20. This is the former headquarters of Wilson Wolfe Real Estate. The lead petitioner is attorney Scott Garant.

Article #60 would spend $12,650,000 from free cash to fund a feasibility study and construction of a new Senior Center at the current Town Hall site. The lead petitioner is Selectman Mike McCoy.

Article #61 would spend $12,650,000 from free cash to fund a feasibility study and construction of a new Senior Center on the town-owned land next to St. Dorothy’s on Main Street. The lead petitioner is Selectmen Mike McCoy.

Article #62 would rezone six parcels located off of Route 125, right near the 93 off-ramp, from Residential 60 to Highway Industrial. The lead petitioner is attorney Mike Newhouse.

Article #63 would rezone 100 & 102 West Street from General Business and General Industrial to Neighborhood Mix Use. This is the property located at intersection of Lowell Street and West Street, near Mr. Ticket, that Global Partners eyed for a gas station & convenience store back in 2017. The lead petitioner is land owner Derek Santini, who also owns the Sonny’s Mobile-On-The-Go Gas Station across the street.

Article #65 would prohibit the participation of certain animals in traveling animal acts for public entertainment of amusement by amending the town’s inhabitant bylaws. The lead petitioner is Jenne Sindoni.

Banned animals would include:

  • Artiodactyla, excluding domestic cattle, bison, American buffalo, water buffalo, yak, zebu, gayal, bali cattle, sudae, sheep, goats, llamas, or alpacas;
  • Camelidae;
  • Canidae, including nay hybrids thereof, but excluding domestic dogs;
  • Crocodilla; 
  • Elephantidae;
  • Felidae, including any hybrids thereof, but excluding domestic cats;
  • Marsupialia;
  • Non-human primate;
  • Perissodactyla, excluding domestic horses, ponies, donkeys, or mules;
  • Pinnipedia
  • Ursidae; and
  • Elasmorbranchii, excluding rays.

What’s Next?

Each lead petitioner will have an opportunity to make their case — and explain their intentions — during the warrant review at the joint public hearing of the Wilmington Planning Board and Wilmington Finance Committee on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 7pm in the Town Hall Auditorium. The public is invited to attend. Wilmington Community Television will be airing the meeting live. Wilmington Apple will be reporting on it.

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