Driver — On Drugs And With A Child In Tow — Rams Multiple Cars, Crashes On 93 In Wilmington

WILMINGTON, MA — On Saturday, February 22 at 11:49am, Wilmington Police responded to a report of a white 2019 Ford F150 crashed into the guardrail on 93 South, just south of the Concord Street bypass.

The driver, an unidentified 33-year old Pelham, NH man, was found unconscious behind the wheel and was administered multiple doses of Narcan. He was rushed to Lahey Hospital in Burlington. A child was also found in the truck unharmed.

The driver left a path of destruction in his wake — ramming several vehicles and endangering many lives — prior to the crash.

“A F150 pick-up truck just flew up besides us and started hitting the cars in the fast lane… He’d fly up behind another one and hit them. This went on for 2 exists. It was legit bumper cars,” an eye witness told WHDH. 

According to the Wilmington Police Log, the driver struck at least two vehicles — a mini-van carrying several children and a Honda Odyssey.  The Odyssey driver estimated the pickup truck was traveling 100 MPH when it rammed into his vehicle in the high speed lane.

“The driver was reported to be swerving all over the highway, striking cars and the guardrail. He eventually crashed into the guardrail and the car was disabled,” State Trooper Dustin Fitch told The Eagle Tribune. “He will be issued a summons for motor vehicle charges as well as narcotics charges.”

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