LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman Candidate Kevin MacDonald Says Town Should Hire A Grant Writer

Dear Editor,

At a recent Board of Selectmen’s meeting, the director of the Wilmington Housing Authority came before the board. After listening to the information provided, it became clear that the Town’s housing authority has significant problems that need solutions.

There are millions of dollars in the form of grants that are available. The problem is that the Town of Wilmington has no grant writers. This is clearly a leadership problem. We need people whose skill level merit a leadership position who possess skills needed to get the job done right. I propose that the Town of Wilmington fast track the search for an experienced skilled and successful grant writer whose ability can bring grant money into the town.

Veterans, by law, are to have first priority to government housing yet we find Wilmington veterans having to live many towns away. It was reported by the housing director that of the 69 units on Deming Way, only 30 are occupied by veterans.

I have spent a considerable amount of time over at Deming Way and have witnessed months go by with units vacant. This is disturbing because there is a long list of people waiting for housing. The housing director stated that it takes about 30 days after a unit becomes vacant to screen people for the unit. This is unacceptable. The people on the list should already be screened so that they are ready to get into the housing unit without delay.

The great veterans of Wilmington deserve better. They gave their best for us. We need to give our best for them.


Kevin MacDonald
Candidate for the Board of Selectmen

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3 thoughts

  1. George, Kevin is talking about Deming Way which is state owned. Yes, a grant writer would be good for the town but it wouldn’t help the state with affordable housing.,

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