LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mark Maselli Is Such A Great Guy Who Would Make A Great Selectman

Dear Editor,

My name is Maura Sullivan, an employee and family friend of Mark Maselli. I am writing to you on behalf of his candidacy. I am writing this letter to inform voters about the wonderful qualities that Mark puts forth not only in the workplace, but on an everyday basis.

Mark has a passion for what he does. He is the owner of Dandilyons Ice Cream in Reading, MA. I have been an employee of his for over a year now, and I can say with great confidence that he is the boss that everybody wants. The countless times that I have messed up an order or forgotten how to make something, I have always known that Mark is there to help me learn. He is kind, funny, and makes scooping ice cream the best job to have. Mark has always shown our customers that he cares about them and their personal lives, and he has never had a problem taking a minute or two to catch up with them at the window. Mark has given Dandilyons such a great reputation and has made people feel at home when they are there. Most importantly, as an employee, I have always felt cared for by Mark. When you’re having a bad day, he’s there to make everybody smile. He helps me fix my mistakes and learn from them. If I am going to be late to work, Mark understands. He treats people the way that they want to be treated.

Above all, just like he does at Dandilyons, Mark makes choices that are for the benefit of everybody, and I know that as Selectman, Mark would do the same exact thing. Mark is a fresh voice to the town which is exactly what it needs. A new perspective, and a new way of running things. If anything, I want to tell voters that Mark is the type of person that you would be proud to have your town associated with. He is what a Selectman should be.

To all Wilmington residents, April 27th is the day to express your right to vote. So, get out there, and vote for somebody who is really going to make Wilmington a place that you would be proud to call your hometown. Mark has my full support, and I hope that he will have yours, too.

Maura Sullivan

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