CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT: Rob Fasulo To Run For Selectman

Greetings Voters,

I am happy to announce my candidacy for the 2019 Wilmington Board of Selectman’s race. Since the end of the last election so many of you reached out to me giving me messages of good will and wishes that I would run again, which I just couldn’t ignore them all. One of those that had a very strong opinion on my entering this year was my friend Firefighter Tad Baxter. Only days before Tad passed away he was adamant that I run in this election. I run this year out of respect for him and in his memory.

I am a life long resident of Wilmington, I attended public school here and graduated Shawsheen Tech class of 1994. I hold a degree in Criminal Justice and have worked my entire professional life enforcing the laws of our Commonwealth. I am married with three children, two of which attend Wilmington Public Schools.

My goals as a selectman many may call ambitious, but my desire is to offer the people of Wilmington a different direction than we have been heading in for the past several years.

As a selectman my first priority will be to demand an open and completely transparent town government. Town policies should reflect practices that allow for the most accurate collection and distribution of material upon request by the public. I truly believe in the quote, “Democracy dies in darkness”.

I will continue my calls to bring the St Dorothy’s land back to the board with the intention of having a true senior housing development along with a Senior Center built on that property. Our community has identified a new Senior Center as a necessity and my proposal is a way we may obtain one costing taxpayers little.

Third, I will call on the Town Manager to provide the people of Wilmington one year of no rise in property taxes (Minus increases approved in past town meetings). The town currently has about 24 Million in free cash, I believe the taxpayers in town deserve a reprieve in ever increasing property taxes.

Fourth, I will stand strong with the towns position prior to September of 2018 when it comes to the Olin Superfund Site with no development until remediation is complete. To this day there are some of the most dangerous substances to human existence still leaching out of the containment area into the ground water on that property. Olin (and others) have not only damaged this property but they have cost the town untold millions in lost revenue (or savings) from excess water that the town may have been able to sell to other communities from wells that have since been deemed too contaminated to continue pumping.

Finally, I have listened to the new residents that I have met and know why you made Wilmington your home. You moved here for the suburban life, to be part of a great community and to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. When neighborhoods have been threatened with drastic quality of life changes I have a record of siding with the citizens and I will not change that position. I am not anti development, I am for smart development. I will stand side by side with any neighborhood to protect your quality of life no matter if its the neighborhood I live in or across town. I will again self fund my campaign to avoid the perception or expectation of favoritism to those that would donate money to get me elected.

My presence on the board brings no conflicts, not one person in my family nor do I make any living based on decisions made by this, or any board in town. This will leave me free and clear to represent the people on all matters before the board. I can be reached every day by visiting

Thank you,
Rob Fasulo

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