Yentile Farm Recreational Facility Wins Sustainability Award

WILMINGTON, MA — The Yentile Farm Recreational Facility was recently awarded the 2017 Sustainability in Civil Engineering Award from the Boston Society of Civil Engineering.

The award is presented annually and recognizes a Massachusetts civil engineering project constructed within the last three years that exemplifies the principles of sustainability espoused by the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure.

“The award is based on a number of different criteria,” explained Town Manager Jeff Hull in his announcement at last week’s Board of Selectmen Meeting.  “They include the low impact development to stormwater management using drought tolerant plantings to create a natural landscape with less maintenance demands; bioretention basins to create space for runoff and provide habitat for various wildlife; and removal of certain evacious species.”

Selectmen were pleased to hear the news.

“This is a wonderful award,” said Selectman Kevin Caira, Vice Chair of the Yentile Farm Development Committee. “Congratulations to all the principles who took part in putting this beautiful park together, including the Committee who worked for four years, the Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, and all the department heads involved.  It’s just a great award.”

Deeper Dive

To learn more, read the article (“Yentile Farm Recreational Facility: Promoting Sustainable Land Use Development“) written by Green Intenrational’s Danielle Spicer in the October 2017 BSCES Newsletter.

Watch The Video

To learn more, watch Town Manager Jeff Hull’s announcement at the October 23rd Board of Selectmen Meeting below. Fast forward to the 3-hour mark.

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