LETTER: Bill Cavanagh Endorses Jim DeFeo For Select Board, Calls Him A “Fierce Advocate Of Public Safety, Veterans & Families”

Fellow residents,

I am writing to offer my two cents in our upcoming Select Board race. Having been a resident of Wilmington for my whole life, I have personally seen the good that has come from this Board’s tireless efforts. I have also always kept to myself and just quietly cast my vote for whomever I felt would do a good job. Over the years, I have had numerous people serve on the Board that I considered friends and even more that have had my respect.

This year I have a very good friend who has decided to take the leap into public office. James DeFeo has been a good friend of mine for over ten years. We met at a veterans charity golf outing put on by Local Heroes. We hit it off that day and have remained close friends ever since. Whether it be during good times or bad, Jimmy has always met me with a smile, hug, and comment that only he can get away with.

Jim is no stranger to public service. He is a decorated Army Officer (Retired) and a current Boston Police Sergeant. He has spent his entire adult life putting the needs and welfare of the public before that of himself. When I asked him why he would want to take on another very public task, he simply said, “There’s work to be done, Brother”. That is exactly what I thought he would say.

He tells me that he is invested in getting a Fire Substation in the North end of Town and that he is committed to continuing Wilmington’s first class care of its Veterans. Jim is a fierce advocate of public safety, veterans, and family. He has always been a person who will go to great lengths to accomplish the mission and will be a fierce advocate for all of the residents of this Town.

In closing, I would like to add that I am fortunate to live in a town where we have so many people who are willing to sacrifice time away from their families in order to serve on boards and committees. The upcoming Select Board race is no different. I commend all of those who are seeking office to serve us. It is not an easy task. I would also ask you to join me in supporting James DeFeo for Select Board.

Bill Cavanaugh
Wilmington, MA

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