LETTER: Former Selectman Mike Champoux Endorses Jim DeFeo For Select Board

Dear Editor,

There are three candidates, running for two seats on the Wilmington Select Board. That means this year the voters of Wilmington will have a choice of who to vote for. Or, who not to.

Media outlets like the Wilmington Town Crier, the Patch, and the Apple are providing the candidates with the opportunity to show their priorities and platforms. So I will not seek to restate the candidates, political positions. What I want to do, instead, with the space available here, is share my observations and opinions about one candidate, who I feel is deserving of our votes.

Mr. Jim DeFeo, who I have known for nearly 20 years, is a person of tremendous character. Jim has demonstrated his commitment to his fellow man by making his career in service to others. First in his military experience, and also as a law-enforcement professional, Jim’s focus has been, and continues to be the benefit of others over himself, a quality we should seek from our volunteer elected officials. Additionally, it is worthwhile to consider the personality, demeanor, and manner that our elected officials conduct themselves with the public, their colleagues, and town staff. One thing about Jim DeFeo is that he will always be honest about his opinions and ideas.  Jim’s heart and selfless dedication will guide him.  Jim is not a “politician“ and does not fit into any stereotypes. Rather, Jim DeFeo is a doer and a person of action over words.

I am excited to have the opportunity to vote for Jim DeFeo on 4/22. I encourage my fellow residents to join me in doing so.


Michael Champoux

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