State Rep. Dave Robertson Endorses Gary DePalma For Select Board

Below is an endorsement from State Rep. Dave Robertson:

Wilmington has seen rapid and complex changes over the past few years, and nobody has been “in the weeds” on our local issues as literally as Gary DePalma, who I endorse for re-election to the Wilmington Selectboard. Mr. DePalma has been a longstanding member of the community and has always worked on behalf of the public. Previously serving our state as a special high-risk law enforcement officer, he also worked on Wilmington’s behalf on the Economic Development committee before his election to the selectboard. Since then, he has hit the ground running and has appeared in every part of town as local issues appeared.

Whether it is traversing the site of a proposed apartment complex on Nichols Street, observing the terrible Main Street intersections with me to advocate to MassDOT for improvements, or standing in the rain in front of our public safety building while discussing how to stop drivers from crashing into departing fire trucks – Mr. DePalma has thrown himself into the nuances of our public issues in a way that is above and beyond the norm for most municipal officials. It is because of this dedication and his accessibility to the residents impacted by these issues that I believe he is able to advocate on the public’s behalf so well. He is constantly taking time out of his schedule to meet at-location to garner information and educate himself first-hand, and is a great representation of our residents when he is on-site.

Mr. DePalma has also greatly impressed me with his creative, adaptive proposals to solving local issues and he is not afraid to step back and propose a new way of solving municipal problems. For example, many neighborhoods with “cut-throughs” noticed an increase in speeding and crashes with the proliferation of GPS apps on our phones. Mr. DePalma approached me to ask MassDOT and the state about allowing seasonal, rubber speed bumps to be placed to slow down speeders. Whether this solution will be approved is yet to come, but his proposals like this one impressed me with his common-sense, practical approach to solving local resident’s concerns in a rapid, innovative way.

I also wish to highlight Mr. DePalma’s demeanor on the board. As a selectboard member he has met with and advised resident groups on how to advocate, and each meeting serves our town with an attentive and respectful attitude. Even when he outright disagrees with a proposal or opinion, he shows decorum and regard for everyone, and will always hear out whoever is speaking. Unlike others in the race, he does not diminish or dismiss anyone, and makes himself very available to hear everyone’s concerns on a matter. In a time where name-calling and admonishing those who disagree with us is the norm in political discourse, Mr. DePalma has shown us that he is the exact opposite during his time on the board. I ask that residents join me this April 22nd in re-electing Mr. DePalma to our Selectboard.

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