Wilmington Elderly Services Director Terri Marciello Provides Update On New Senior Center Project (April 2023)

Below is an update from Wilmington Elderly Services Director Terri Marciello, published in the Senior Center’s latest Buzzell Buzz newsletter:

WILMINGTON, MA — Here’s what has been happening since our last update in the March Newsletter:

As the project continues through the Design Development Phase, the Senior Center Building Committee met twice during March; on March 8, which was an in person meeting and on March 22, which was a Zoom meeting.

The focus of the March 8 meeting was the building interior and the front entrance to the building. The architect and consultants reviewed various options for color schemes, lighting and materials. The Committee wanted the lighting fixtures to be of a traditional design that was easy to maintain. Several different color schemes were reviewed. The Committee deferred a decision until Director Terri Marciello had a meeting with a Focus Group of seniors to receive their input. The revised front entrance was reviewed and the Committee liked the changes. The architect will present a more detailed design at the next meeting. Our OPM reported that meetings are being held with various town departments, including the Fire Department, DPW, Building Inspector and the Planning Director for their input on the design.

On March 16, Terri Marciello met with the Focus Group to review the various color schemes under consideration for the building interior. The Focus Group appreciated being asked for their input. After a discussion, it was agreed that the color scheme referred to as “Close to Nature” was the best choice. The colors in this group are rooted in the natural environment. The blue/green tones will work well with the natural wood that will be in the building and provide a classic vibrant feel to the building interior.

At the March 22 meeting, the Committee reviewed the various color schemes for the building and agreed with the Focus Group that the “Close to Nature” color scheme was the best choice. The architect provided an updated design for the building entrance. The Committee liked the design, which makes the entrance now a prominent feature of the building exterior. The architect presented a “fly around” of the site showing how the completed building, parking area and landscaping would look. He also showed a 3D model of the building interior which showed how it would look as you entered and walked through the building. It enabled the Committee to visualize what the final interior will look like.

The next scheduled meeting of the Committee is April 12; it will be in the Town Hall at 6 PM. The focus of the meeting with be the exterior building materials, including samples. There will also be an update on the various meetings with town boards and the status of permits.

We are in an exciting phase of the project as we continue to move forward to a Fall Groundbreaking.

We encourage you to stay engaged.

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