Shawsheen Tech Announces Quarter 2 Honor Roll: 175 Wilmington Students Recognized

BILLERICA, MA — Shawsheen Tech Principal Jessica Cook is pleased to announce the students who have achieved a high level of accomplishment for quarter two of the 2022-2023 school year.

To be eligible for Honor Roll, students must receive a minimum grade of “B” in every course, and High Honor Roll achievers must receive an “A” in every course.

Shawsheen Tech is a student-centered public school serving the five member towns of Billerica, Bedford, Burlington, Tewksbury, and Wilmington. Shawsheen serves more than 1300 students in grades 9-12 and is “Dedicated to Excellence in Education.”


Justin Abbott, Lilly Abbott, Ivone Airoso, Avery Assarian, Ayla Biscan, Rachel Botte, Karianne Calvoni, Christian Carpinella, Isabella Catalano, Alyssa Cavanaugh, Gavin Churchill, Timothy Clark, Darion Considine, Ryan Copson, Alyssa Costantiello, Haley Cournoyer, Michaela Crowe, Christopher DeFilippo, Michael DeRose, Dominic DiCenso, Jailyn DiNuccio, Skylar Driscoll, Arianna Farrell, Jameson Farrell, Brendan Ferrone, Brendan Fitzgerald, Paige Fuller, Nicholas Gattineri, Steve Guevara, Zoey Helbert, Leila Hurley, Micayla King, Madeline Long, Kaytlyn MacPherson, Carlie Malonson, Amelia Matzke, Maria McCarthy, Robert Miaskiewicz, David Mikaelyan, Layne Miller, Jaycee Mitchell, Julia Morin, Rayssa Pereira, Kylie Plowman, John Pozzi, Lia Price, Logan Pyles, Gianna Rago, Lorraina Raposa, Gemma Sweeney, Evan Uftring, Celia Vindice, Allison Viveiros, Michael Ware, Anna Warford, Angelina Williams


Kevin Ackerley, Brady Allen, Desiree Almodovar, Destinee Almodovar, Olivia Aranha, Jace Avery, Eric Banda, Jake Banda, Tiffany Barrera-Perry, Logan Bentley, Justin Bevis, Kylee Bevis, William Biscan, Zachary Blonigen, Christian Botte, Nicole Botte, Jack Bourque, Matthew Breen, Jacob Breitenbach, Ella Brennan, Jennifer Brogan, John Burke, Matthew Carpinella, Jake Carr, Mikayla Cella, Jonathan Chisholm, Tara Clark, Kara Clayton, Keenan Considine, Matthew Dall, Jonathan Dalton, Colin DiPesa, Robert Dodge, Arianna Fasulo, Michael Fay, Oliver Ferrer, Sabrina Fitzgerald, Luis Henrique Galicia, Rachel Garrett, John Gibbons, Morgan Glover, Manuel Gonzalez, Gianna Grieco, John Haggerty, Kailyn Harless, Everett Healy, Brendan Heos, Lia Holowenczak, David Jeanty, Alexander Kaszuba, Bryan Keohan, Justin Keohan, Nathan Keohan, Jack Klindt, Jason Kouyoumjian, Brooke Larffarello, Aidan Largenton, Alisa Lavino, Colin Lawson, Calvin Lemay, Paige Lipski, Isabella Luis, Sydney MacPherson, Anthony Marra III, Kyle Marrone, Jack Martins, Michael Maselli, Kayla Mason, Kevin Mason, Charlie Mastronardi, Devin Mathews, Shane McDonald, John McLaughlin, Devin Medeiros, Helen Meehan, Nathan Melo-Sabino, Kaleb Molina, Riley Morrell, Dominic Mosher, Derek Mulik, Ryan Murphy, Ava Murray, Joseph Murray, Lilly O’Hearn, Meagan O’Leary, Dominic Oliveira, Eva Oppedisano, Giana Peach, Lukas Poirier, Adam Quamme, Ryan Quamme, Alexandra Quick, Brodie Rawson, Ava Rega, Paige Rivera, Isabella Rogers, Zachary Rogers, Riley Rourke, Charles Roy, Andrew Roya, Gavin Russell, Phoebe Sassone, Macy Savage, Makayla Scaramozza, Nathan Son, Jason Spaniol, Kaleb Stanley, Shelby Tangusso, Patrick Tassone, Noah Titterington, David Topor, William Trach, Ronin Uftring, Davide Vitale, David Viveiros, Jonathan Vlamis, Cullen Walsh, Dylan Ward, Mackenzie Ware, Daniel Watne, Mackenzie Weatherbee, Kristal Wells

About Shawsheen Valley Regional Vocational School District

Established in 1965, Shawsheen Valley Regional Vocational Technical School District (SVRVTSD) is a student-centered public institution serving the five member towns of Billerica, Bedford, Burlington, Tewksbury, and Wilmington. Shawsheen Valley Technical High School serves more than 1,300 students in grades 9-12 and is “Dedicated to Excellence in Education”, integrating academics with more than 20-vocational-technical career pathways.

Shawsheen is located in Billerica, MA on a sprawling 100-acre campus. The school building features state-of-the-art facilities and athletic fields, twenty-four varsity sports, and dozens of extra-curricular clubs and activities. All of Shawsheen’s faculty and staff are committed to the mission “to provide a positive learning experience in a safe educational environment that encourages all students to reach their full potential, emphasizes the value of a strong work ethic, and prepares them for adult life in a competitive world.”

Shawsheen Valley Regional Vocational Technical School District also provides high-quality educational programming for youths and adults through Adult Education, Afterschool Exploratory Programs, Community Events, and Summer Camps and Enrichment Programs. Shawsheen is consistently working to increase its rich and varied programming opportunities for the community, which supports its mission that education is a lifelong, continuous process with many paths to living a successful and fulfilling life.

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