LETTER: Good Intentions Are Not Enough! If You Support A New Senior Center, You Must Show Up And Vote At November 19 Special Town Meeting

Dear Editor,

I started taking my mother to the senior center after my father died, so she could begin a new chapter of her life without him. She met many people and, eventually, settled into a routine that involves playing cards, knitting hats for veterans, and attending the special programs the senior center offers.

But that’s not why I’m writing.

Lots of people have told me they support a new senior center, and that’s awesome. But “supporting” a new senior center and voting for it are two different things.

Voting is especially important if you are FOR the senior center. Why? Because a 2/3 majority of those in attendance is required to pass it. If there are 150 people in the room, then 100 people or more have to vote for it…or else.

You can’t vote by mail at Town Meeting. There is no app on your phone. You have to go, in person, to the high school on Saturday, November 19th. The doors will open before 9:00 am, so plan on getting there early to get a good parking space.

No car? No problem. Call the senior center at 978-657-7595 before Wednesday, November 16. They’re collecting names of people who need rides. Or carpool with friends. Any registered voter of Wilmington aged 18 or older can vote at Town Meeting.

This is a special Town Meeting. Unlike the regular Town Meeting which is held in the spring, this one contains only two warrant articles up for your vote: a new senior center, and a new town hall/school administration building. That means you can fulfill your civic obligation and still have time for grocery shopping, watching college football, or whatever else you do on a typical Saturday.

After three solid years of meetings, requests, reports, interviews, and a ton of preliminary preparation, it all comes down to your vote on Saturday, November 19th. Take a minute, right now, to put a plan in place to get to Town Meeting. Good intentions are not enough. Let’s make this dream a reality.

Debra Russo

Debra and Bernice Russo

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