STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Wilmington’s Morey-Barry Earns Master’s Degree From Concordia University

SEDWARD, NE — Stephanie Morey-Barry, of Wilmington, earned a M.Ed. from Concordia University.

On May 7, Concordia University, Nebraska awarded undergraduate and graduate degrees to more than 400 graduates. The Class of 2022 was honored during undergraduate and graduate commencement ceremonies.

At the ceremony, Bernard Bull, Concordia president, encouraged graduates to embrace opportunities with a combination of boldness and humility while using their gifts, talents and abilities to serve God and others. He reminded students to heed God’s call to learn and lead in the church and in the world, always seeking to serve with wisdom, clarity of conviction and character.

“Graduates, you are a blessing from God. Even as so many have sought to invest in your education and faith formation these past years, you have blessed the Concordia community, and now you will embark on what God has in store for you next,” said Bull. “You are now and forever will be a Concordian, one who takes what you have learned in the classrooms, courts, fields, chapel, and beyond and uses all of that to be a blessing to those around you.”

Kurt Senske, founder and principal of CEO-Board Services and 2022 recipient of a Concordia University, Nebraska doctor of laws degree, presented the commencement address.

“We as Christians have a unique advantage,” said Senske. “We come to the starting line with a head start. This is the value of a Christ-infused university education and living a Christ-filled life. Being a Christian allows us to look beyond our ego. It compels us to go beyond ourselves. It is the force behind what we do. It defines who we are. It provides our life with worth and meaning.”

Senske encouraged graduates to keep Christ at the center of their lives, setting aside prevalent worldly messages and influences often found on social media and elsewhere.

“With Christ in the center of our life, with us secure in the knowledge that our story eternally will never end, the pressure is off,” he added. “We are no longer constrained to be merely be successful in this life. Instead, we have the privilege of being called to be faithful.”

Senske reminded graduates that times of suffering, hardship and disappointment are God-given opportunities to discover new purpose in life. He also pointed out that how we live each day and not what we do is what truly matters.

“As Christians we are free to embrace the immense power that we receive when we become bold in our faith and actions,” said Senske. “I believe in the power of Concordia University. I believe in the power of each of you as graduates. I believe in the power of each one of us. Individually and collectively – beginning today – you, we, I, have the God-given opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we serve via our community, family, and profession.”

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