STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Wilmington’s Carina O’Donnell Earns 4th Place In RMLD High School Art Contest

Below is a press release from Reading Municipal Light Department:

READING, MA — On May 12, 2022, the Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) honored the participants and winners of its fifth annual public power themed High School Art Contest at a virtual awards ceremony. General Manager Coleen O’Brien gave a brief description of the contest objectives as well as an overview of the RMLD career opportunities that an electric utility can offer, in this dynamic and new non-carbon industry. RMLD Commissioners Philip Pacino and Bob Coulter presented the awards.

The theme of the fifth annual High School Art Contest was Versatility.

2021 demanded Versatility in action by residents, local businesses, local industries, local government, and the RMLD team. Versatility was required to handle the pandemic, the increased push toward decarbonization, and the need to keep things moving forward by finding new solutions to everyday challenges.

Students were asked to visually portray the concept of Versatility and incorporate the RMLD and/or electricity into the artwork. Students were also asked to submit a short write-up to accompany their artwork.

Four winners were selected based on the creativity of the artwork and the message that was portrayed:

First Place – Cameron Sullivan, Lynnfield High School, Grade 10
Artwork: Helping Hand

Second Place – Keira Lord, North Reading High School, Grade 12
Artwork: Connected by Light

Third Place – Elanor Hart, North Reading High School, Grade 11
Artwork: A Bright Idea

Fourth Place – Carina O’ Donnell, Wilmington High School, Grade 11
Artwork: Wired for Learning

Each winner was awarded a gift card for qualified school or art supplies. The winning submissions will be featured in RMLD’s 2021 Annual Report with the first-place submission as the cover art. All participating students received a certificate for ten hours of community service for taking part in the contest.

“Speaking on behalf of the RMLD staff, the Commissioners, the CAB members, and including myself, there was an expressed gratitude for the tremendous amount of inspiration that each of the artwork and narrative submittals invoked with respect to Versatility. I would highly recommend viewing these submittals on our website; I assure you that they will have the same impact,” said Coleen O’Brien, General Manager.

All artwork submissions and accompanying write-ups may be viewed at

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