LETTER: Reader Responds To Whether Schools & Town Should Rename Columbus Day

[Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to Is It Time For Wilmington To Replace “Columbus Day” With “Indigenous Peoples’ Day?” article published on the Wilmington Apple on January 16.]

Dear Editor,

This Columbus Day holiday is such a historic and important part of our history.  What will our school children be taught when they question “who discovered America” be?

By changing the name of this holiday raises more hate and bigotry among all peoples and causes even more division for everyone. Teachers will have a very difficult time trying to explain this to their students.  Our past, traditions, and history should continue to be honored.

This holiday belongs to our history, love, and traditions, for all peoples no matter their race, color, political affiliation, heritage, religion, etc. etc. I cannot condole you or anyone else who does not have the heart felt feeling of peace and love for each other by trying to destroy it now.  I don’t agree that the school calendar should be changed, reflecting changing the name of this holiday.

A simple but important solution to this complex situation would be to continue honoring Christopher Columbus Day and to establish one holiday properly named: “ALL PEOPLES DAY”


Mary F. Kiesinger

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