LETTER: Senior Center Building Committee & Town Hall Building Committee Announce Preferred Sites For Their Projects

Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, September 15th, there was a joint meeting of the Senior Center Building Committee and the Town Hall/School Administration Building Committee. These committees include members of the Permanent Building Committee, The Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee.  The Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) and representatives from Dietz and Company (architects for the Senior Center) and Johnson & Roberts (architects for the Town Hall/School Admin Building) met with these committees to review the four identified building sites.

A matrix of questions was developed, with both objective and subjective categories.  This matrix was unanimously approved by the Joint Committee.  Each of the architectural teams scored the four sites against both objective and subjective categories.

After that, the scores were tabulated and analyzed. Discussion and questions from the Committees and public were reviewed. After everyone had spoken, the Chairperson, George Hooper, announced the scores.

Senior Center:

  1. Site adjacent to St. Dorothy’s church
  2. Swain School site
  3. Present Town Hall site

Town Hall/ School Administration:

  1. Swain School Site
  2. Site adjacent to St. Dorothy’s church
  3. Present Town Hall site

*The Whitefield School site was deemed unsuitable for either project

A motion was made and accepted unanimously to present the Town Manager with this decision, so that he could schedule it with the Board of Selectmen, possibly as early as Sept. 27.

The meeting can be seen in its entirety on WCTV.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sue Clarkin

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