PHOTOS: Wilmington Sons Of Italy’s Easter Bunny Visits Windsor Place, AdviniaCare, Yentile Farm & Town Common

Below is a press release from the Wilmington Sons of Italy:

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Sons of Italy’s Easter Bunny tooled around town in style in a shiny white Camaro Convertible on Saturday, April 3, 2021, surprising children and adults with animated visits. Pictured are residents of Windsor Place and the bunny (AKA Alicia Johnson) and the bunny’s chauffeur, fellow SOI member Michele Caira Nortonen.

From Windsor Place, the duo visited next door at Advinia Care and then at Yentile Recreation Center where delighted children hopped off the playground apparatus to run up to the Easter Bunny. Parents busily snapped candid shots.

After a brief carrot break, the Easter Bunny was driven to the Town Common, where Celine and Vivienne Nadeau – twins and Margaret McKenna and Jacqueline Warren, pictured below were getting ready to hunt down Easter eggs ‘hidden’ by members of the Junior WOW. Lots of squeals were heard as the bunny made her way to the common. And again, parents had their cameras ready as children ran up to hug the bunny and receive a sweet, chocolatey treat courtesy of the Wilmington Sons of Italy.

From there the bunny visited some residents in town feeling under the weather, before returning to Yentile Park for another impromptu visit.

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