LETTER: Family Discusses Their First-Hand Experience With MJ Byrnes, Support Her Re-Election To Wilmington School Committee

Friends and neighbors of Wilmington,

I am writing this letter as a personal endorsement of Mrs. M.J. Byrnes’ continued service on the Wilmington School Committee. It is my sincere hope that my words here today serve to bolster her standing as a trusted counsel and advisor, through my first hand experience with her outstanding efforts for the children of the Wilmington community.

I am not a longtime Wilmington resident. I relocated here from Virginia, with my wife and four young children, following my retirement from the United States Navy three years ago. Upon our arrival in town, M.J. was one of the first local acquaintances that we made. I believe it was in our first meeting that she first mentioned her involvement with the school board – meeting M.J. was fortuitous for my family, and I had no idea just how timely and necessary she would become to us.

Not long after meeting M.J., and already keenly aware of her obvious passion for education and child development, we found ourselves in need of education help for two of our children and unsure where to turn. Not only did M.J. inject a feeling of comfort that they would be ok, but she wasted no time in helping to connect us with the resources and services that we needed for our children. Her counsel was critical through the unfamiliar and complex process of medical, neuro-psychologic, and early intervention service evaluations, resulting in successful identification, and ultimately a working resolution of the problems that we were facing. I’m happy to report that both kids are now thriving, in no small part because of the help that M.J. gave us. It was through her knowledge and advice that we were able to confidently navigate the best path for our children.

There is no doubt in my mind that M.J. gives the same level of concern and attention to our town’s students on a district scale that she gave my family. Her deep knowledge of the processes and intricacies of the education framework ensure that she will continue to be a valuable and trusted asset to our community. I am comforted by the knowledge that she represents the best interests of my children and also the rest of the children of this district in her capacity as a board member.

It is without hesitation that I give my strongest possible endorsement for M.J. Byrnes for the Wilmington School Committee.


Patrick Prendergast

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