LETTER: MJ Byrnes Announces Her Candidacy For Re-Election To The Wilmington School Committee

Dear friends and neighbors,

It is with great enthusiasm that I am seeking re-election of my fourth term to Wilmington’s School Committee. It is an honor and privilege to serve and advocate for the families of this community.  I’m asking for your vote to return me to my seat so that I may continue to ensure that Wilmington Public Schools provide each of our students the opportunity to reach their fullest potential in a safe learning environment.

As your representative over the past nine years, I have become the senior member of the Committee and have used my experience to be a strong and responsible voice for our children.  I remain very active and still have strong energy, passion, and dedication to advocate for the needs of our schools and our children.  Perseverance is especially needed at this unprecedented time in which we find ourselves.

As some examples in my nine years of service that I have been privileged to offer on the School Committee, I have served as the Committee’s Secretary and on several sub-committees, such as the policy and School Committee’s Handbook.   I was also a member of the Superintendent Search Committee and contract negotiations and the School Wellness Advisory Committee.  Furthermore, I have served as the School Committee’s representative on collective bargaining teams and its legislative liaison to the Massachusetts General Assembly on issues that directly affect Wilmington Public Schools.  I have also been honored to represent the School Committee’s as its delegate to the Massachusetts Association of School Committees’ (MASC) Delegate Assembly and as the Division I Vice-Chair and Secretary.  I have tirelessly promoted Wilmington’s interests in this statewide body that advocates to state and national levels for key initiatives and the best interests of our Public Schools and students.  For my efforts for Wilmington, I was honored to be awarded 2019 recipient of MASC Division I All State-School Committee Award.

As the School Committee’s Legislative liaison, I continue to work with our Local, State, and Federal elected representatives. Through letter writing and meetings, I’ve focused on such topics as school safety measures, and adequate and appropriate funding for Chapter 70, the Special Education Circuit Breaker, and a host of other unfunded and underfunded state-mandates that affect our school district each year.  I was humbled and surprised to be recognized for my work on behalf of Wilmington students with certificates of recognition from Representative David Robertson and the Massachusetts House of Representatives and Senator Bruce Tarr and the Massachusetts Senate.  With your vote and support, I look forward to continuing to put the interests of Wilmington’s students, their families, and the education professionals, who serve them, front and center.

My work on behalf of our students and district is far from done and, in many ways, just beginning. As our School district continues to evolve and transition to return our students and staff to schools, my initiatives and goals will focus on addressing students who fell behind in this difficult time and the accompanying social, emotional, and other mental health needs of all in our education system. We must do all we can so that all students can meet their potential in a sustainable, equitable, and safe learning environment.  If re-elected, I will continue to be instrumental in solutions for this district. I always have and always will actively and strongly support our children, teachers, families, and tax-payers.  And I will continue to work diligently and tirelessly to ensure the success of our district in these trying times.

Moreover, I will continue to be accessible to all stakeholders and look forward to collaborating to meet the concerns and needs of our students and schools.  It is through these conversations that have afforded me the most valuable of insights.  I am truly grateful to have earned your trust.

My work on your behalf would not be possible without the support and encouragement of my husband, Joe, and my children, Conor & Erika. I am forever grateful for their love and encouragement for me to follow this passion to serve our community. With integrity, dedication, and a strong desire to serve you on the School Committee, I hope to earn your vote at our Town election on April 24, 2021. See you at the polls!

Sincerely yours,

MJ Byrnes

Wilmington School Committee

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