NEW TOWN HALL UPDATE: Firm Selected To Serve As OPM; Next Step Is Hiring An Architect/Design Firm

WILMINGTON, MA — The firm P-3: Project Planning Professionals has been selected as the OPM (Owner’s Project Manager) for the first phase of the new Town Hall/School Administration Building Project.

After public interviews and reference checks in January, the Wilmington Town Hall/School Administration Building Committee selected P-3 as the clear-cut top choice out of 15 firms that responded to the town’s RFQ.

Town Manager Jeff Hull recently completed successful negotiations with P-3, agreeing to a $107,000 contract.

“The work to be completed by P3 will involve working with the Town and designer/architect to complete the feasibility study to identify the best location for a new facility and oversee the efforts of the designer/architect in the development of a schematic design for the building along with a cost estimate for construction,” explained Hull. “Completion of this work will place the Town in the position of making a recommendation to Town Meeting for appropriation of construction funding. If funding is approved, and if the Town is satisfied with the work performed by P-3, the Town can engage them for the second phase of the project to oversee final design and construction.”

P-3 was also recently named the OPM for the new Senior Center project after a similar process was followed by the Senior Center Building Committee.

“The fact that P-3 is the OPM for both the Senior Center and Town Hall/School Administration project is advantageous because both projects will be evaluating the same sites as possible locations,” noted Hull. “If both projects proceed along a similar track, it will be extremely important that communication and coordination exist between the two projects.”

Hull added P-3 has recently worked on a rehabilitation of a city hall in Westfield, renovation and expansion of a town hall in North Andover, construction of a new library in Eastham, renovation of an elementary school in Hanover, and construction of a new senior center in Rockland.

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