5 Things To Know In Wilmington On Saturday, February 13, 2021

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are 5 things to know in Wilmington on Saturday, February 13, 2021:

#1) Library Event: Cognitive Crafting for Parents

Parents and caregivers of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, you are going to love this half hour craft at 11am! Take a half hour out of your very busy schedules when your little one goes down for a nap to make a new form of exploration for your child – sensory bottles! Not only do these bottles have a calming effect on young children, giving them an object to focus on to meet their sensory needs, but they actually help with their cognitive development. Playing with sensory bottles can help develop their language, fine motor skills, and, depending on the bottle, their science and math skills! You can never have enough sensory bottles, so whether you’ve made them before or not, join us and learn something new!  Materials can be picked up from the library in advance. Register HERE.

#2) Library Event: Writing Sprint

Write in the company of other writers over Zoom from 3pm to 5pm! Use this time to refine a piece for the virtual Writing Slam on Monday, March 1 at 7 pm. Register HERE.

#3) DEADLINE: Group Of WHS Students Holding A “Her Drive” To Collect Menstrual Care & Hygiene Products For Homeless Women

Wilmington High School students Carolyn Haas-Timm, Julia Kane, Sofia Lipsanopoulos, and Maddie McCarron are collecting new bras, menstrual care and general hygiene products for people in need.

This “Her Drive” runs from January 16, 2021 to February 13, 2021.

Collection boxes are located at Wilmington High School, Wilmington Middle School (in the cafeteria and overflow room), and Wilmington Dance Academy.

Contactless pickups can also be arranged by filling out this form.

Requested items include:
  • new/lightly used bras and bralettes
  • sports bras
  • bikini tops
  • menstrual pads
  • pantyliners
  • tampons
  • period underwear
  • diva cups
  • travel-sized toiletries
  • hair products for natural hair
  • hand sanitizer/sanitary wipes
  • vanity products (new makeup, nail polish, beauty supplies, hair accessories)
  • socks
  • dental care
  • baby wipes/diapers
  • deodorant
  • body wash/perfume
  • bar soap/shampoo/conditioner
  • OTC medications (Advil, Birth Control, multivitamins)
  • pregnancy tests

All collected products will be donated to two homeless shelters — Dignity Matters in Arlington and Emmanus in Haverhill — in mid-February.

#4) REMINDER: Shawsheen Tech Culinary Arts Students Offer Meals For Curbside Pickup, Tuesday-Friday

Shawsheen Tech Culinary Arts Students are offering touch-less, curb-side pick up for lunches, available Tuesday through Friday at 11:30am.

Please call 978-671-3668 by 9:30am for the menu. The menu for the week will be available on Tuesday morning.

Also available are a complete line of frozen dinners, soups and stews. With enough notice, a full line of bakery products are available as well as cakes for any occasion.

Your order will be filled and waiting for you to pick it up in front of the Ram’s Head Guest Dining Room. You will not have to even have to get out of your car.

At this time, the program can only accept cash and checks made out to Shawsheen Tech Culinary Department.

#5) WEF Is Always Looking For Your Unwanted Clothes, Shoes, Stuffed Animals & More

The Wilmington Educational Foundation has partnered with Baystate Textiles to raise funds through an ongoing textile recycling rebate program.

Bag up any of your unwanted footwear, clothing, accessories, linens and stuffed animals and place them in the donation boxes located outside each of Wilmington’s public schools. Donations can be in any condition as long as they’re clean and dry.

The Wilmington Educational Foundation will receive a rebate of $100 for every ton of textiles collected.  WEF earns thousands of dollars each year from this fundraiser.

About Wilmington Educational Foundation

Established in 1999, the Wilmington Educational Foundation (WEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to supporting innovation and excellence in the Wilmington public school system. WEF’s goal is to enhance and increase educational opportunities for all Wilmington students by providing funds for innovative programs that are not otherwise funded through the school budget.

To learn more about WEF, please visit www.wilmingtonedfoundation.org. WEF can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. WEF can be reached via email at wilmingtonedfoundation@gmail.com.


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