LETTER: Wilmington Mom & Son Thank Tremezzo Owner Rick Lowe For Act Of Kindness

Dear Editor,

2020 has been a tough year. Covid 19 has negatively impacted many lives. Stress levels are higher, our community has endured loss of jobs, school closures, lack of social interactions, and sadly even deaths. It’s been difficult to find positivity in these times, therefore I wanted to share my story.

I posted on the Wilmington Community FB page asking for recommendations for servicing an Arcade Claw Machine game after hitting dead ends. The game is my son’s prized possession and it had broken. I explained my son has Autism and that ‘waiting’ can be very hard for him to understand.

RJ Tremezzo of Tremezzo’s commented on my post that he contacted his good friend Jim Chiarello the OPS manager for Dave and Busters and would get back to me. Without ever meeting me or my son, they arranged for a mechanic to come to my home. After spending hours diagnosing the problem, the mechanic determined that the motherboard needed to be replaced.

I’ve heard Rick does a lot for our community, and boy did he do something AMAZING for this family! Due to Rick and Dave n Busters kindness and generosity, the motherboard was replaced without charge and the claw machine was fixed! My son was SO happy! I don’t have the words to express my gratitude! The post ended up going viral and the positivity it created was SO needed during these challenging times! It’s also inspired me to pay it forward!

Rick Lowe should be commended for all that he does for our community. From this Mom and her son, THANK YOU Rick for making the world (and our community) a better place!

Roberta and Connor Biscan

Connor Biscan

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