BREAKING: Wilmington High School To Go Full Remote For 2 Weeks After 25-30 Students Attend House Party

Below is an email from WHS Principal Linda Peters and Wilmington Superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand sent to Wilmington High School parents on Sunday night:

Dear WHS Families,

On Friday, October 23rd, approximately 25-30 Wilmington High School students gathered at an off-campus, indoor house party in which masking and social-distancing measures were not followed.  The Wilmington Police were dispatched to the party, however, only 6-8 students were identified as the majority of students in attendance left at the scene.

As you might imagine, it is quite disconcerting to learn about this event, but equally alarming is the fact that efforts made by the Wilmington Board of Health to identify the other students at the party have been significantly limited due to lack of cooperation.  As a result, upon consultation with Ms. Shelley Newhouse, Director of the Wilmington Board of Health, there remains significant concern regarding the inability to successfully complete contact tracing measures thereby creating a great concern as a public health issue.

Upon further and careful consideration of the situation at hand, I am writing to inform you of the fact that the Wilmington High School will be moving to fully-remote instruction effective Monday, October 26, 2020, through to the end of the day on Friday, November 6th, 2020.  This two-week time frame is consistent with the guidelines set by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

I cannot stress the vital importance for any individual who may have information to assist us with contact tracing to please reach out immediately to the Wilmington Board of Health.  This information,  as well as my response to this situation, is necessary to ensure the health and safety of our students and community. 


With the closure starting tomorrow, students should continue to follow their hybrid schedules in the following manner.  Monday and Tuesday are both BLUE DAYS and Thursday and Friday are WHITE DAYS.  Teachers will invite the entire class to work with them remotely on all days.  Wednesdays will be scheduled in the same way that it was scheduled during our full remote schedule:

Wednesday, October 28                                          Wednesday, November 4

WHITE DAY                                                                 BLUE DAY

W1 7:40 – 8:27                                                           B1 7:40 – 8:27

W3 8:32 – 9:19                                                           B2 8:32 – 9:19

W2 9:24 – 10:11                                                         B3 9:24 – 10:11

W4 10:16 – 11:05                                                       B4 10:16 – 11:05

Please remember that asynchronous work will be assigned for Wednesday afternoons (11:35 – 2:05).

PLEASE NOTE: Our High Needs students will continue to attend for their programs.


Glenn Brand 
Superintendent of Schools

Linda Peters
Wilmington HS Principal

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