LETTER: Moulton Led The Effort During Mid-Term Elections To Help Democrats Take Control Of The House

Dear Editor,

Congressman Seth Moulton has sponsored, co-sponsored and addressed a wide range of pressing domestic issues, from concern for veteran’s services and mental heath, to pandemic support for first responders and general public economic relief.  He has supported efforts for affordable housing, national fast rail, racial justice and many other domestic issues.  In addition, Congressman Moulton is concerned with foreign affairs, especially the efforts of the present administration to disengage from allies and align with avowed non-democratic leaders from Urban to Bolsonaro and even Kim Jong-Un. 

The bottleneck in improving domestic and international programs and policies is the intransigent Republican majority in the Senate and present Republican President.

Recognizing that bottleneck, Congressman Moulton led the successful effort during the mid-term election to ‘tip’ the House of Representatives, helping to change 18 seats from Republican to Democrat.

Again, despite those roadblocks, Congressman Moulton has succeeded in leading the passage of major laws for veterans and mentally ill as well as highlighting major flaws in administration policy, from the lack of support to suppress the Corona virus pandemic to the reluctance to support the American people in this quick economic depression.

In addition to his efforts to improve domestic policy, Congressman Moulton also understands the importance of foreign affairs.  The present administration has severed ties and threatened long term relationships with our traditional allies, simultaneously attempting to curry favor with dictators and would be dictators in repressive regimes.  

After all that Congressman Moulton has accomplished and worked for, there is no doubt that he deserves my support and vote.  And yours.

Peter Perlmutter


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