COVID-19 UPDATE: Just 5 Active Cases In Town; 100’s Of Wilmington Residents Under Travel Quarantines; Town Receives 23K PPE In Case Of Second Wave

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington’s Health Director Shelly Newhouse and Fire Chief Bill Cavanaugh recently provided a COVID-19 update to the Board of Selectmen last week.

Newhouse noted, as of Monday night, Wilmington has only 6 active positive cases with 2 additional residents in quarantine. As of Thursday morning, according to the Health Departments’ Facebook page, those numbers have shifted to 5 active positive cases with 7 additional residents in quarantine.

“We’ve been steady with 10 and under cases for quite a while now,” Newhouse told Selectmen, who noted her office remains busy helping businesses reopen and assisting schools with their reopening plans, while receiving frequent notifications from the state.

“We get notified from the state about all of our residents’ travel quarantines — we have hundreds of those in Wilmington.” said Newhouse. “We get those daily. We expect those to go up and up as people are still traveling this summer and dropping their kids off at college… Hopefully we don’t get any positives out of those. Time will tell…. It’s been very, very busy keeping track of all of that stuff.”

Newhouse said her office continues to deal with lots of complaints about people not complying with the mask order and businesses not complying with their own COVID-19 plans.

Fire Chief Cavanaugh noted that his firefighters continue to take all the necessary precautions and decontamination steps in light of COVID-19, but COVID-19 responses to decline. He noted there’s been no uptick at the town’s nursing homes lately.

Cavanaugh added that the town recently received $313,000 in CARES funding and will continue to submit monthly reimbursements, including for costs associated with Annual Town Meeting and the reopening of town officers.

Cavanaugh added out that the town just received some of the PPP it ordered way back in March.

“We wound up with 11,000 K-95 masks, 11,000 surgical masks, 160 safety glasses, and 1,000 face shields,” reported Cavanaugh. “Between that and what we did with other aggressive ordering, we’re going to be in good shape if we wind up in another spike. Hopefully we don’t, but if we do, we’ll have all the necessary PPE… for police, fire and town employees.”

“Thank you both for your continued diligence. It’s both appreciated and impressive,” responded Selectmen Chair Jonathan Eaton.

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