VIDEO: Wilmington Town Clerk Encourages Residents To Vote By Mail In June 20 Town Election

WILMINGTON, MA — Watch the latest episode of “Talk of the Town” with host Ryan Malyar, WCTV’s Youth & Content Coordinator, featuring quick, feel-good stories from around town.

In this episode, Malyar remotely interviews Wilmington Town Clerk Christine Touma-Conway about the upcoming June 20, 2020 Town Election.

Touma-Conway encourages residents to vote by mail — either absentee or early voting — in the election due to COVID-19. Applications for both types of ballots are available on her website.

“I hope most people will vote by absentee or early ballot,” said Touma-Conway. “The safest way to run an election is for nobody to show up.”

Touma-Conway also discusses the measures the town will be taking to keep the polling locations safe, including limiting the number of people inside them at any one time, similar to what the grocery stores are doing. Voters will be asked to wear masks, but cannot be forced to do so at this time. Single use golf pencils will be used to fill out ballots —  voters can take them home. Election workers will behind plexiglass at their tables. The polling locations will be completely sanitized prior to Election Day.

Touma-Conway also takes a moment to encourages residents to vote in local elections and not just focus on state or presidential races.

“When you vote for your local Selectmen and School Committee, those are the people that have the most direct impact on your life,” said Touma-Conway. “The person who picks up your trash. Cleans your street. Plows your street. People who teach your kids. All of that is impacted most directly by the people your voting for in your local elections… Do your part to put the people in to best represent you. Get out and vote. It always matters.”

Watch the 11-minute episode, courtesy of Wilmington Community Television, below:

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