SELECTMEN NOTEBOOK: 5 Things That Happened At Monday Night’s Meeting

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are FIVE things that happened at the Wilmington Board of Selectmen Meeting on Monday, May 11, 2020.

#1) TOWN MEETING QUORUM COULD BE LOWERED IF LEGISLATION PASSED: Town Manager Jeff Hull updated Selectmen on legislation making its way through the State Senate that would allow Boards of Selectmen, in consolation and with the approval of the Town Moderator, to establish a quorum that is less than the quorum in the Town Bylaws. The quorum cannot be reduced to less than 10% of the existing quorum. In Wilmington’s case, the 150 quorum could be dropped to as low as 15. This would only be allowed during the state of emergency and 30 days following, and only budget matters and matters with federal deadlines could be acted up (i.e., no zoning articles). Hull did not support any quorum reduction at this time and Selectmen took no action. Wilmington’s Town Meeting is currently set for Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 10:30am in the Joanne Benton Memorial Auditorium in the Wilmington High School.

#2) DRAFT AGREEMENT REACHED BETWEEN OLIN & TOWN OF WILMINGTON OVER COOK AVENUE WATER LINE: Town Manager Jeff Hull told Selectmen that a draft agreement between Olin and the Town over the Cook Avenue water line has gone through final edits. Olin is currently conducting a review of the agreement and the plan for the route of the water line, which is expected to take less than one year to complete. The project will have five phases:

  • Olin to contract with an engineering firm to design the water line extending from the existing water main on Main Street up to Cook Avenue
  • Permitting, including state and town road opening permits, will likely be required.
  • Olin will prepare project specifications for bid, review responses to the bid, and award a contract to install the new water line.
  • Contractor will engage in construction and installation of the water line.
  • Testing of the water line must be conducted and water quality testing results must be approved by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Cook Avenue residents have had public water for 15 years due to contamination at the Olin site.

#3) NEW TOWN SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE MEMBER: The Wilmington Board of Selectmen unanimously appointed Christine Bento to the Town’s Scholarship Committee to fill a vacancy.

#4) SELECTMEN ALLOW SCHOOL EMPLOYEES TO HOLD TOWN JOBS THIS SUMMER: The Wilmington Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the requests of Wilmington Public School staff members Erin Cowden and Denise Bresnahan to also work for the Wilmington Recreation Department as part of its summer programs. Selectmen must receive and act upon disclosures of town employees who work multiple town jobs under Massachusetts State Law Chapter 268A, Section 2 (b).

#5) NEW ENGLAND TRANSRAIL STATUS REPORT: Town Manager Jeff Hull announced there has been no activity pending the release of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of their proposed remediation plans for the Olin Corporation Superfund Site. There has been no communication between the Surface Transportation Board, the Town of Wilmington, or the legal counsel for New England Transrail during the most recent reporting period.


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