State Rep. Dave Robertson, House Pass “Nicky’s Law” Requiring Registration Of Abusers Of Disabled

Below is a press release from State Representative Dave Robertson’s Office:

BOSTON, MA – Joining in an unaminous vote, Representative Robertson voted to send “Nicky’s Law” forward in a step towards protecting vulnerable Massachusetts residents. Previously caretakers tasked with working with individuals needing care due to physical or mental hurdles could be charged with crimes if they abused clients, yet staffing agencies for employers were often left unaware of previous transgressions and were at risk hiring abusers previously caught and fired. Now under the law, with stiff enforcement against both abusers and employers of abusers who fail to register as well as one central list, it is easy to track and maintain the identities of those convicted so they will be separated from vulnerable populations.

“This legislation is common-sense, and while tragic to think that such evil people would even exist, I am extremely pleased to see the state step in to help stop this abuse,” said Representative Robertson upon the passing of the bill. “The testimony that was told was heartbreaking. You had individuals who were incapable of talking perhaps, but completely aware of their abuse. I am pleased that the state has a way to ensure that those who abuse these folks already burdened with a physical or mental challenge are safe from the absolute monsters who prey on them.”

In addition to creating the registry the proposal also included funding to establish the system, assist in notifying employers of its implementation, and publication of materials to make aware of its existence. It is expected the registry will be operational in several months, and registration of abusers to begin shortly thereafter.

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