Wilmington’s 1935 Senior Center Building Getting Some TLC After Receiving $30K From State & $10K From Town

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Senior Center will be receiving some much-needed repairs and renovations after the town’s legislative delegation was recently able to secure $30,000 in funding from the State House.

“We’re very, very fortunate to have Representative Robertson and Senator Tarr come to us and get $30,000 from the state,” Wilmington Elderly Services Director Terri Marciello told Selectmen on Monday night. “We’re so, so appreciative. It’s going to help us with needs at the Center.”

Wilmington Public Buildings Superintendent George Hooper reviewed some of the recent repairs completed at the Center and previewed some upcoming upgrades funded through a $30,000 allocation from the state and a $10,000 allocation from the town.

“As you know, the Senior Center is a school built in 1935. It was repurposed as a Senior Center in 1986. We continue to do repairs and upgrades in the building,” began Hooper. “A lighting upgrade we just completed… We’ve recently refinished the main hall’s hardwood floor…. We’ll be upgrading both of the hall’s ductless splits… We’re also looking to upgrade the audio visual — sound system, microphone, amplifiers, LED screens, and speakers…. Doors will replaced… The money will help us get this all completed.”

Hooper noted the improvements have centered on the Senior Center’s kitchen.

“We replaced the refrigerator/freezer unit. We’re redoing the cabinets. We removed the kitchen’s old heating. We replaced ductless split for heating and AC,” explained Hooper. “I’m working with Terri to design the new kitchen layout. We’re going to install new ranges, a new exhaust hood, a new dishwasher, a new sink, and a buffet station to help with serving coffee. We’re going to replace the kitchen floor. These are all upgrades that needed…. It has to be done.” 

“These projects that are being done aren’t to beautify, but because they’re needed,” echoed Marciello. “George and his team have been phenomenal in making things happen.”

Hooper added that these repairs and renovations to the Senior Center are done in-house.

“We get the best bang for our buck,” said Hooper. “99% of the work is done with our own staff.”

Selectmen Chair Greg Bendel thanked State Representative Dave Robertson, who was in the audience.

“We’re all very grateful for the allocation you and your colleagues were able to get us,” Bendel told Robertson. “What are the chances of [getting state funding] like this this in the future?”

“A budget allocation like this is an easy sell,” responded Robertson. “We understand the importance of appreciating our seniors and giving them a functional place, especially with everything Terri organizes down there. We see how important the Center is to Wilmington. If you’d like a second or third push down the line, I’d be happy to do so.”

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