TIMEOUT: WHS Gym Floor Will Cost A Little More, Take A Little Longer To Fix

WILMINGTON, MA — The gym floor replacement project currently underway at Wilmington High School will now cost the town an additional $30,000 and take at least one week longer to complete after it was discovered that the concrete underneath the court was never level.

“When American Sports Floor came in and removed the floor and subfloor, they discovered that the concrete at the base had areas that had not been properly leveled out. There were dips. As a consequence, the floor had a flex,” Town Manager Jeff Hull told Selectmen on Monday night. 

“The expectation is the floor will be addressed properly at the base level and built up from there,” assured Hull. “Unfortunately, [this additional work] will delay the opening of the gym by about a week. We’re expecting the floor to be ready for use by mid-October.”

This complication has increased the total project cost by $29,492, from $219,200 to $248,692. The project contractor, Gilbane, agreed to pay $175,000. The town will pay the remaining balance of $73,692.


“It became apparent shortly after the school was opened in 2015 that we might have issues with the floor,” said Hull. “There was some discussions at the time with the Gilbane, who repeatedly assured that the floor would need some time to acclimate. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. For the last several years now, we’ve been pursuing efforts to have the floor addressed. Ultimately, we decided we need to have the floor replaced.”

Through the efforts of the Board of Selectmen and Town Counsel, the town reached an agreement with Gilbane in June. The contractor agreed to cover $175,000 worth of the replacement costs.

“Prior to that, I instructed Public Buildings Superintendent Geroge Hooper to put out a bid for a new floor,” explained Hull. “The lowest qualified bidder came in at $219,200. This $175,000 took care of a significant portion, but clearly not the whole piece.”

As a result of the shortfall, Hull went to the Finance Committee and asked for a transfer of funds to cover the difference. The Finance Committee agreed, but wisely increased the requested amount by 10% of the project costs in case unforeseen circumstances arose, bringing the total amount to $66,000.

After unforeseen circumstances did – in fact – arise, the project was practically covered. Hull was able to fund the remaining $8,000 in expenses from a line in the Public Buildings Department budget set aside for unanticipated building repairs.

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