New LED Lights Installed At Palmer Park (Behind Town Hall), Project Comes In Under Budget

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Public Buildings Supervisor George Hooper recently provided the Board of Selectmen with a recap of the installation of new LED lights this summer at Palmer Park, located behind Town Hall.

The previous lights, which had been installed by a volunteer group back in the late 1980’s, had begun to fail and were becoming a safety issue.

“We had 52 1,500-watt mercury vapor fixtures, which adds up to 78,000 total watts,” said Hooper. “We replaced them each with 500-watt LED fixtures, which adds up to just 26,000 total watts — a decrease of 52,000 watts.”

This capital project, which was approved by voters at Town Meeting, is resulting in a long-term financial savings to the town, plus a better quality of light, a reduction in maintenance, and more activity at the park.

“The lights currently get used during Pop Warner season,” said Hooper. “With the high quality of these lights, however, it’s going to promote other uses. We may start seeing Little League, Lacrosse, and Flag Football use them.”

The town budgeted $75,000 for the project, but Hooper was able to complete the project for $61,000 — $14,000 under budget.

“We did this in-house over the summer,” said Hooper, who noted he was able to get the fixtures at a discount through Mass Save.  In consultation with RMLD, Hooper decided to maintain the poles, which were in “fine” condition, and focused on replacing just the brackets and lights.

“It’s impressive to see this different lighting. It much more focused light,” said Town Manager Jeff Hull. “It’s enhanced the whole athletic complex out there.”

“Come by a night. You’ll really appreciate the lights,” added Hooper.

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