Discover What’s On The Menu At Tremezzo Pizzeria As Selectmen Praise Owner Rick Lowe & Approve License

WILMINGTON, MA — Five years after opening Tremezzo Ristorante, and five months after opening Josie’s Bakery, Rick Lowe is expanding his Tremezzo empire in Wilmington with the addition of Tremezzo Pizzeria, slated to open at the old Uncle Mickey’s location at 296 Shawsheen Avenue within the next couple of weeks.

Lowe was recently in front of the Board of Selectmen to obtain a common victualer license for his newest venture.

What’s On The Menu?

According to Lowe, Tremezzo Ristorante’s menu will feature:

  • Italian pizza
  • Sheet pizza
  • 4-5 selections of pasta
  • Lasagna
  • Risotto & Risotto Bowls
  • Family Meals

“One of our team member’s father owns Galleria Umberto in the North End. He came over the other day and taught us how to make the sheet pizza like they do in the North End,” revealed Lowe. 

“We’re also going to do something that’s been very popular for us at Tremezzo — family meals,” announced Lowe. “A parent can grab a family meal on the way home from school or sports. They’ll get a salad, entree and desserts for the entire family. It really helps out the moms and dads who are busy.”

“We’re not going to have a thousand of selections like a lot of pizza places do. I believe in quality. I’ve always taught to do a few things and do them very, very well,” added Lowe.

Lowe also noted the restaurant will have Risotto bowls, where customers can choose their own protein, sauces and vegetables.

The restaurant will be primarily take-out and delivery, with just five stools at a counter.

“We like to believe that when people hear the word ‘Tremezzo’ in Wilmington, they think of great quality and great things for the community,” concluded Lowe.

Selectmen Praise Lowe For His Community Involvement

“[Since opening Tremezzo Ristorante], Rick has made it a point to use the restaurant as an opportunity to serve the community through numerous efforts,” Lowe’s Attorney Scott Garrant told the Board.” Rick has always emphasized the importance of giving back, whether it’s volunteering at hospitals and shelters, donating food to families in need, hosting birthday parties for children whose families are going through a tough time and can’t afford to rent the hall, donating dozens of backpacks to students in town, and more. Tremezzo and Rick have been recognized as generous and supportive members of the community.”

Garrant noted that Lowe has continued his community involvement with Josie’s Bakery, which — for example — is currently hosting a winter coat drive for families in need.

“You’re the epitome of what we’d look for in a business partner in this community,” said Selectman Chair Greg Bendel. “The amount that you do for the people in this community is incredible. It doesn’t go unnoticed. You will have nothing but success with this new venture… We encourage the entire community to come and support your ventures. We hope to continue this great partnership for a long time.”

“I want to thank you for the way you’ve embraced the community and help out folks in need,” said Selectman Jonathan Eaton. “You do things right. The way you conduct your business is admirable.”

“I think it’s awesome that you’re employing so many Wilmington kids — for some of them their very first jobs,” added Selectwoman Jomarie O’Mahony. “[My family] lives close to where you’re moving to. I’ll be one of those frazzled moms in to buy the dinners to feed the kids. I think it’ll be a great asset to the town — more than just another pizza place. Thank you for all you’re doing for the town and adding value here with the restaurant base we have.”

“If you make the pizza like Umberto, I’ll be there everyday. I’m telling you,” said Selectman Kevin Caira, who ate at the North End restaurant every Friday when he worked in Boston for 22 years. “You’ve got great food at Tremezzo and Josie’s. It’s wonderful what you do for the community.”

“You’re an outstanding businessman… and an outstanding human being,” said Selectman Mike McCoy, who praised Tremezzo’s chicken parm and Josie Bakery’s cannoli.

“I’m honored to be part of the community. I was always taught at an early age that when you can do something for people, do it. We’ve been blessed to have a vehicle like Tremezzo to allow us to do that,” responded Lowe. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world — three wonderful kids and a wonderful wife. Beyond that, to have a vehicle that gives me a lot of joy and the opportunity to help people. It’s quite an honor to have heard all the nice things you’ve said about me.”

Tremezzo Pizzeria is expected to open within the next week or two.

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