LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Former Selectman Mike Newhouse Endorses Bendel & Caira For Selectmen

To the Editor:

It is a privilege to have been elected to the Wilmington Board of Selectmen six different times and to have served the Town in one capacity or another from 1996 through 2016. I learned a lot during my tenure, and I am proud to have been just a small part of local government that managed to improve our educational facilities, enhance our public safety services and maintain a manageable property tax that maximizes, to the legal extent possible, the contributions of our commercial tax base.

As is the case in most aspects of life, when it comes to running a town, standing still is not an option. We either move forward, or we move backward. In this year’s Selectmen’s race, it is clear to me that the path forward is to vote for Kevin Caira and Greg Bendel.

Over the last three years, I have been impressed with Kevin’s and Greg’s ability to stay focused on the task before them, respecting residents’ opinions without hi-jacking the authority of fellow volunteers who serve on other boards. They have assumed a position of leadership on important issues related to housing, public safety, creative tax incentives, economic development, and recreational opportunities for our young people, without pretending to be the de facto Town Manager, or presuming to know it all. Perhaps most importantly, they have avoided becoming one-trick ponies by maintaining a “big picture” outlook, and by forging a positive direction forward on behalf of the Town. Too often, they have succeeded in these efforts by withstanding a barrage of personal and often anonymous attacks, innuendos and half-truths directed at them and their families.

I can think of many reasons to support Kevin Caira and Greg Bendel for Selectmen. They are smart. They work hard. They have experience. Most importantly, though, they are proud to call Wilmington home. Kevin and Greg acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead, but they also recognize and appreciate the hard work that fellow residents and volunteers have done for many, many years to make this town an exceptional place in which to live. Please join me in supporting a positive direction forward by voting for Kevin Caira and Greg Bendel on April 27th.


Michael Newhouse

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