LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Vote For Bendel & Caira Is A Vote For Integrity, Hope & Optimism

Dear Editor,

I am very disappointed in the manner of which a few candidates have chosen to run their campaigns.  In a world where we try desperately to teach our children and adolescents to treat one another with kindness and respect, it is extremely troubling to me that certain candidates and their supporters have built their campaign platforms on the planks of hate, cruelty and dishonesty.  What happened to respect and kindness?  When did it become acceptable to try to get a step up by tearing others down?  Our children are growing up in a society where cyber bullying is a constant problem—in fact, it is one of the most prominent issues among adolescents. Do we really expect the anti-bullying posters on the walls of every school building to have a positive impact on students, when so-called adults with their own narrow interests take to the internet to show how creatively and viciously they can attack volunteers they don’t even know?  I am discouraged.  I am disheartened.

I am certainly not going to waste my vote on candidates who build their campaign strategy around demeaning their opponents and vilifying the Town I have always called home. I truly hope that we reject these tactics, ignore the haters, and realign ourselves with the positive spirit that this Town once embraced.  Please do not be fooled by the ignorance. When people need to gain popularity by putting others down it is a sign of weakness. Vote for the individuals that have the decency to treat you with respect even when they disagree with you.

Please join me in casting a vote for integrity, hope, and optimism.  Please join me in saying, “I think this town is great, and so are the people in it.” Please vote for Kevin Caira and Greg Bendel on April 27th.


Lynn Newhouse Broderick
A truly concerned citizen


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4 thoughts

  1. To Lynn Newhouse Broderick:

    Thank you for posting one of the best Letters to the Editor I’ve read in a long time. As one of the Administrators of the Wilmington Community Board, I see the lack of civility, integrity, kindness and respect online on a daily basis. Somehow people forget that there are real people on the other side of their keyboard. These are the same women and men who are waiting in line with you at Market Basket and Lucci’s, dropping off children at school, mowing their lawns on the weekend, ordering coffee at the nearest Dunkins, standing at the next gas pump, taking their dogs to the dog park, cheering on their child/grandchild’s team at the local ball field, attending town meeting and voting in elections.

    I want to remind Wilmington Community Board members and other users of social media to ask themselves the following questions before adding a post or comment:
    Is your post truthful, respectful and/or helpful?
    Would you say exactly what’s in your post/comment to someone in a face-to-face discussion?
    Is this how YOU wish to be treated?
    If not, do not hit enter. Revisit your words and find a more appropriate way to convey your message. If you post in haste, insult someone and/or regret your words, go back and EDIT your post. There’s nothing wrong with fixing a faux pas. And if you’ve inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings, please feel free to delete your words and replace them with a sincere apology. A little civility will go a long way.

    1. Robin, The local media outlets like this one should require like many newspapers, a name, an address, an email address and a phone number for verification before posting a comment. False name are as bad as below the belt comments

    2. Ms. Domek–After reading your response, I actually had to stifle a laugh. You are a hypocrite. You are the queen of fake accounts. On the Community Board where you are the admin, you not only allowed them but you encouraged them and took part in toxic political discussions many, many times and at great length. You did this throughout 2016, 2017 and 2018. I remember you allowed the fake account of “Sue Melkonian” whose profile picture was that of Angie Hicks, the founder of Angie’s List, bash me for MONTHS throughout political seasons. If anyone tried to defend me, you allowed several people on your board to be vicious and relentless toward me and you–as the admin and moderator who is supposed to be neutral and maintain civility–took part as well. You’ve allowed many fake accounts to slander people in the political arena whom you are opposed to. As long as the discussion was in favor of the candidates you very obviously supported, you allowed the discussion. As soon as the discussion went in favor of the candidates who opposed the people you supported, well those discussions, threads and comments suddenly disappeared.

      On a national level there is a spotlight on the issue that perhaps Russia may have had a hand in swaying the presidential election to their favored candidate. While this situation is obviously on a much smaller scale, your audience of over 6,600 people on the Wilmington Community Board are being shown your filtered opinions as you have the power to allow or remove comments as you see fit. You have the power to sway an election in the favor of the candidates you support.

      I have noticed over the past couple of months that you have been doing a better job managing the fake accounts. I think it would be in the best interest for you, Robert Hayes and the administrators of the other pages to not allow fake accounts, single names, initials and screen names. The community deserves better.

      Michael McCoy
      Wilmington, MA

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