SELECTMEN RACE Q&A: O’Mahony & Marsh Reveal The Next Town & School Building Projects They’d Like To See

WILMINGTON, MA — Jomarie O’Mahony, Daryn Marsh, and Kevin MacDonald are running for the seat on the Wilmington Board of Selectmen recently vacated by Ed Loud. The winner will fulfill the one year remaining on Loud’s unexpired term.

Wilmington Apple is asking the candidates multiple questions each week leading up to the April 27 Town Election.

The latest question:

What do you feel should be Wilmington’s next TWO municipal or school building projects? Why do you prioritize these two projects over other projects?

Below are the candidates’ responses, in their own words:

Jomarie O’Mahony

The first municipal building project I would support is the North Wilmington Fire Substation as I believe it is long overdue. Our town has developed and expanded and we now have industry and residences in an area of town where response time from our main safety building would be too long in the event of an emergency, Our police have addressed this growth by adding additional patrol zones and will hopefully have the personnel to support that but the only way for the Fire Department to effectively address this is to be afforded a space to have personnel and the equipment needed for them to respond to emergencies in the North Wilmington area.

The second municipal project I would support would be a community center in town that would have an expanded senior center as well as space that could be utilized in the late afternoon and evenings for youth and family activities. Our current Senior Center is too small for our senior community and we do not have a space for children and families to utilize for activities in the evenings and on the weekends. We have done a great job creating outdoor recreational space in town and it is now time to focus on an indoor facility that affords residents of all ages year round access to social and recreational community events and activities.

Daryn Marsh

Mr. Marsh chose to answer this question via video:

Kevin MacDonald

No response.

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