CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT: Former Selectwoman Suzanne Sullivan Seeks A Return To The Board

Dear Wilmington Residents,

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for one of the Board of Selectmen’s three year seats. I am looking forward to meeting and talking to people about their expectations, concerns and vision for the town.

I have been volunteering for the last 20 years. I served on the Board of Selectmen from 2003 – 2007, the Master Plan Advisory, the Affordable Housing, the Comprehensive Water Resource Management Plan, and the Open Space committees. I also served on and helped form the Community Advisory Panel, which was charged with hiring the Town’s Environmental Consultant, GEO Insight. We still use them and they have been an immense asset to the town. I currently serve on the Wilmington Childhood Cancer Advisory Committees and the Wilmington Environmental Restoration Committee (for the Olin Superfund Site). I also currently am a co-vice president of the Ipswich River Watershed Association and co-chair of the Headwaters Stream Team. In 2014, for the 15th year anniversary of getting no answers from the Wilmington Childhood Cancer Study, I participated in the Buzz For a Cure and raised just shy of $2,000.00 for One Mission. I intend on doing so again this year to mark, and bring awareness to, the 20th year of the study with still no answers. I hope to exceed my last fundraiser, so please think about donating to this worthy cause.

I moved to Wilmington 30 years ago this year from the city for a better life and I indeed did get what I came here for. Wilmington provided a great place to raise my family. I want to help ensure that the quality of life I came here for remains for future generations and is not lost in a feeding frenzy of development. You can’t stop development but you can mitigate the impacts. I see no real effort being made to strike this balance.

If the people of Wilmington honor me with their support, this is what I will strive for:

  • Transparency and inclusion.
  • Ensure the denial for the detox at 362 Middlesex Ave gets vigorously defended in court (It is not over yet).
  • Develop an economic plan for North Wilmington that the residents want (emphasis added).
  • Make the elementary schools the priority before other capital improvement projects.
  • A REAL affordable Senior Housing project not just lip service.
  • No development of the Olin site until Olin meets their obligation under Superfund.
  • Look at South Wilmington area, including Olin, should the zoning be changed?
  • Start the process to update Wilmington’s Master Plan.
  • Look at the open space and recreation needs of the town and what can we do now that the Ice Rink proposal is dead and the town also seems poised to fail at acquiring Shirappa’s Farm .
  • Open the conversation, can we do more to make Wilmington “greener”?

We all share expectations that elected officials will defend us and our by-laws, not their own interests. The detox at 362 Middlesex Ave and at the Olin Superfund Site shines a light on this very issue. In many minds these proposed projects have been promoted and pushed behind the scenes by/for a select few. Whether it was Global on the west side, the detox on the north side, or the Olin Site on the south side, the same people seem to be a common denominator and those same people work successfully to get their representation on the Board of Selectmen. Who is representing the rest of us though? Things can change, but I need your help.

I believe those things that bring us together are stronger than those that drive us apart. I look forward to working hard and hopefully gain your confidence and your vote on Saturday, April 27.

Suzanne Sullivan

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