SCHOOL COMMITTEE NEWS: Wilmington Rotary Club Donates $6,000 For Student Physical Activity Bags

WILMINGTON, MA — At its meeting on Wednesday night, the Wilmington School Committee unanimously accepted a donation from the Wilmington Rotary Club for up to $6,000 to purchase Physical Activity Bags for first graders at the Shawsheen Elementary School and Woburn Street Elementary School.

“I was fortunate to be contacted by the Wilmington Rotary Club to put together a wellness grant… for Wilmington Public Schools,” explained the school system’s Health Curriculum Team Leader Laura Stinson. “I always had the idea of putting together physical activity bags, so I took this opportunity to put that proposal together.”

Thanks to the grant, up to 35 bags will be created. These clinch bags will include a piece of physical activity equipment, an activity game card, a journal, nutrition information, and health-themed books and coloring books.

“I’m hoping to bring a fun activity into the home for children to expand upon both the physical education curriculum and health education curriculum at the elementary level,” added Stinson. “It will work similar to a library book. On a weekly basis, the bag will go home with the family. It will then come back to the school, be checked, and then go out with the next student. We’ll keep the process moving along with all 7 classrooms at the Woburn Street and 6 classrooms at the Shawsheen School.”

Stinson noted the grant was supposed to originally be for $3,000, but the Rotary Club was able to find matching funds, so now the grant will cover both elementary schools’ first grades.

Letters will be sent home to first grade families once the bags are put together. Stinson will begin purchasing materials for the bags shortly.

“Thank you to the Wilmington Rotary for offering up the funds to pay for this,” said School Committee Chair Julie Broussard.

Stinson will provide an update to the School Committee in the spring on how this initiative is going.

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