SELECTMEN NEWS: Police Seeking To Install Stop Signs, Fix Speed Limits On Shawsheen Avenue

WILMINGTON, MA — At Tuesday night’s Board of Selectmen’s Meeting, Wilmington Town Manager Jeff Hull announced that the Wilmington Police Department is seeking the town’s and state’s permission to make safety improvements on Shawsheen Avenue.

“I made a request of the Chief to do some traffic counts and speed checks on the stretch of Shawsheen Avenue from the Shawsheen Elementary School to the Billerica Line,” explained Hull. “As a consequence of some of the data gathered, [Chief Begonis] is recommending a number of different proposals.”

#1) The Wilmington Police Department and Wilmington Department of Public Works are recommending that the Board of Selectmen approve the installation of stop signs on four side streets where they intersect with Shawsheen Avenue — Harold Avenue, Reed Street, Melody Lane, and Grace Drive.

#2) The Wilmington Department of Public Works has already installed guardrail reflectors between Melody Lane and Grace Drive, which did not require Selectmen or state approval.

#3) The Wilmington Police Department is seeking state approval to modify the approved lengths (sign locations) of previously approved speed limits in the area of the posted school zone to eliminate overlap within school zone signage.  As a result of the proposal, three 25 MPH signs and one 35 MPH signs would be moved slightly (e.g., 0.06 miles, 0.11 miles, 0.16 miles, & 160 feet).

Speed Limit Signs

#4) The Wilmington Police Department would like the existing posted School Zone in the area of the Shawsheen Elementary School officially endorsed by MassDOT. During this study, police discovered that while the School Zone signage has been displayed since 2006, the zone was never formally approved through the process outlined in state and federal traffic guidelines.

“The request for School Zone approval and corresponding speed regulation signage location modifications will provide the Town with an enforceable school zone which will help improve safety along the studied Shawsheen Ave corridor and will also help to reduce confusion caused by overlapping posted speeding limits,” Begonis wrote in a letter to the MassDOT.

Once he receives a response from the state, Begonis will provide an in-person update at a future Selectmen’s Meeting and, at that time, formally request the addition of the four new stop signs.

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