STATE REP RACE: Candidates Debate The Ballot Questions

WILMINGTON, MA — At last month’s 19th Middlesex State Representative debate, candidates were asked to explain their positions on the three current ballot questions.

“On the Nurse Question, I actually asked my daughter, who is a nurse, and other nurses in the neighborhood, and they all said they were voting no,” said Patricia Meuse (I-Tewksbury). “It seems it should be a NO. Something needs to be done at the hospital level between the hospital and the nurses themselves.”

“I said YES on Question 2. It’s a really interesting question, but it really doesn’t make that much sense,” added Meuse. “They’re asking for a group of people to volunteer their services. It’s not going to cost us money. But they tell us the results they want the volunteer group to give us. I figured I’d vote YES. It doesn’t really matter and we’ll have to vote at another time anyway.”

“On Question 3, which is the Bathroom Bill, I don’t like how they’re presenting it. They’re presenting it as anti-discrmination against transgenders. That’s definitely not what it is,” said Meuse. “It’s a bill that says if you’re a boy or a man and you feel like you want to go into the ladies room that day, you have the right to. You know, I have a lot of granddaughters. I do not want to be in the ladies room and have a man or a boy come in. Maybe they’re uncomfortable going into the men’s room, but I’m comfortable with them coming into the ladies room.”

“On Question 1 I’m voting NO,” said Pina Prinzivalli (R-Tewksbury). “I went straight to the source and spoke with a lot of nurses. The extreme high cost of it doesn’t make sense. The hospitals should be making those decisions themselves. I feel we already have the #1 hospitals [in the country], so why touch it?”

“Regarding  Question 2, after reading it maybe a hundred times, the end game of the proposed commission appears to be unconstitutional to me,” added Prinzivalli.

“On Question 3, the protection and privacy for a woman or child is just not there. I have nieces. I just can’t imagine them going to the bathroom and someone walking in and saying ‘I’m a female today’. I’m not comfortable with that at all. It needs to be rewritten,” said Prinzivalli.

“I’m NO, YES, NO [on the three questions],” said Dave Robertson (D-Tewksbury). “I, initially, was YES on Question 1, because the Boston hospitals already meet the ratios. My concern wasn’t about the Boston hospital, but the hospitals in Pittsfield, Concord, Lowell, etc. that don’t have the resources or patients… that allows them to maintain that ratio… Each union, instead, should negotiate with each hospital because they know their local hospital best.”

“I said YES to Question 2, which is establishing a panel to look into the influence of corporate money because I don’t think it’s fair that a corporation can go home and spend the money that a 9am-5pm guy can’t. I don’t think it’s fear that you can dump in money from out-of-state or out-of-town, not disclose it, and use it to influence an election. Imagine is New England Transrail did that here in Wilmington?,” added Robertson.

“I said NO on Question 3. It allows for too much breadth,” said Robertson. “I had friends who are transitioning. I understand what it’s like. But I believe that whatever is on your file with your doctor, that gender should be on your license and that should be the one that determines it,” said Robertson.

Watch the debate, courtesy of Wilmington Community Television, below. Fast-foward to 56:37 for the speed round:

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