STATE REP RACE: Pina Prinzivalli Stands With Dandi-Lyons

TEWKSBURY, MA — Below is a press statement from the campaign of Pina Prinzivalli (R-Tewksbury), running for the 19th Middlesex State Rep seat:

Pina Prinzivalli, the Republican nominee for State Representative in the 19th Middlesex District, issued a statement regarding the Dandi- Lyons boycott being driven by Wilmington Town Democrats. Dandi-Lyons is owned by State Representative Jim Lyons. The boycott was first issued by Dave Robertson’s endorser and Chair of the Wilmington Democratic Town Committee Erika Johnson.

“Not only am I a loyal customer of Dandi-Lyons, I support Representative Jim Lyons,” said Prinzivalli, who faces Democrat Dave Robertson in the general election on November 6th. “I call Jim and his wife Bernadette my friends. To learn that my opponent’s party and endorsers are calling for the boycott of Jim’s business is‘disgraceful.’ And this is all because Rep Lyons disagrees with the Democratic Party.”

The boycott began on Friday with a Facebook post made by Erika Johnson, a recent 19th Middlesex State Rep candidate who has since endorsed Robertson’s campaign. Johnson’s post which has since been deleted read:

‘Dear Ice Cream Loving Friends,
Unless you like your soft serve ice cream served up with a big scoop of hate and intolerance, don’t patronize Dandi-Lyons Ice Cream in Tewksbury… There are plenty of other ice cream shops around without a hateful agenda.’

To this point, Dave Robertson has yet to condemn his endorser or the boycott.

“Does my opponent support small business or does he support the hateful, mob like tactics of his party,” said Prinzivalli. “Standing by in silence shows no leadership whatsoever. I stand up for what is right. I stand with Dandi-Lyons and I will stand for you on Beacon Hill. The people of this district deserve a leader.”

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5 thoughts

  1. The original post by that twit actually included in the boycott the Dandi-Lyons in Reading which is owned by the Maselli’s who have no connection with politics whatsoever.

    The Dem calling for the boycott of a business because the owner is a Republican whose politics Erika disagrees with is ludicrous.

    What’s next for the Dems? A little glass breaking and business destroying? That’s Antifa’s role, the official Nazi brownshirts of the Dems. Erika is just a useful idiot sowing discord and division.

    If the town Dems were smart they would fire her behind.

    To think I voted for this junior fascist makes my head spin.

    1. Ericka herself called for the boycott, I am sure she will be run out of town – she is pathetic. But PINA, OMG, have you listened to her and what she has said in the past?

  2. How is this still going on? Person A stupidly calls for a boycott, her right. Person B has nothing to do with it, at all, and is made the center of the story because Person B the leading candidate in the race against the preferred of those foisting this non-story. What is God’s name does Dave Robertson have to do with this, Pina? Do you have ANY idea how stupid your handlers are making you look? And how low your name will be after you lose?

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